onion tomato thokku for rice

Also, when I was in school, my mom used to pack this potato thokku for lunch. My husband’s favourite and I prepared it for dinner with idlies. Tomato Thokku is one of those condiments I make often and store in the refrigerator to serve with dosa, idli, chapati, rice, pretty much anything, on a busy weekday. mix well and let oil ooze out. Try this yummy thokku and definitely it will be your family favourite Mixed with hot steamed rice, topped with a tsp of sesame seed oil, it tastes awesome. a popular south indian chutney recipe mainly served for dosa, idli and even pongal rice recipe. https://foodviva.com/south-indian-recipes/thakkali-thokku-tomato-thokku Add salt, tomato and again saute well. It can be used as a spread for bread toast and sandwiches. tomato thokku can be kept in the refrigerator and stored for 4 … Meal planning-You all know how much I love meal prep and meal planning. Add the curry leaves, finely chopped onions, green chilly and garlic and saute well till the onions … Tomato thokku is my favourite side dish for idli,dosa.Usually my mom makes thokku with onions.My MIL makes it like tomato pickle adding roasted methi seeds powder.I’ll soon post that version here.But this recipe is very simple one without onion, garlic.Last month, my sister was telling about her sis-in-law’s tomato thokku recipe. Mix well and add 1 tsp red chili powder, salt, turmeric powder, and garam masala. I haven’t updated any new meal planners but will be starting soon. Goes in Tomato puree. An interestingly unique side dish for any breads and rice. I wanted to make it bit spicy so added 1 tsp red chili powder. Spicy and tangy brinjal thokku which taste super delicious with roti, idli or biryani. And it is the best sidedish for dum biryani or any biryani. This onion tomato thokku is one of the simplest tastiest side dish that can be made in minutes. However, this potato thokku is RK’s favorite. Tomatoes are evergreen vegetable, so you can prepare this whenever you want it. When the tomato becomes soft, add the above mentioned powders and rest of the oil and saute until the oil separates out. Recipe for thakkali thokku – tomato thokku. Call it tomato-onion gojju or tomato onion thokku, making this in bulk is quite easy in Instant Pot or pressure cooker. Onion Tomato Thokku Recipe is another addition to my repertoire of chutneys. What a superb combination. I’m here today to share another favourite chutney of mine, especially with idli or dosa. It is my favorite side for idli,dosa, chapati, upma etc. Ever since my childhood days I had a big liking for onion- tomato thokku. Whether it is taken as a side for curd rice or mixed with rice, thakkali thokku is always a winner. Pickle takes place rare in my kitchen as no one prefers it much. Whenever we used to travel, Chapati and Thokku would be packed and kept. This thokku is a perfect side dish for school lunches, a quick weeknight side dish and also for your travel foods. Eggs, as we all know is a good source of high quality protein and has many vitamins and minerals. If your making thokku to keep it for longer, then avoid onions and blanch tomatoes and grind them. There is no perfect sidedish for biryani than this and some onion … Tomato - 3 Nos Finely Chopped. Thakkali thokku in tamil, Tomato Thokku recipe, made using fresh tomatoes, sambar powder and sesame oil as main ingredients, pairs well with idli, dosa, curd rice and chapathi too. Celery thokku is great twist to your regular side for roti. onion tomato chutney recipe | tomato onion chutney recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. Add salt and mix again. You can also use this thokku as a base to prepare tomato rice, tomato poha upma or tomato idiyappam. Onion Tomato Thokku and chapati is a nostalgic dish for a lot of us, Tamilians. We can store this tomato thokku in an air-tight container and refrigerate it and also whenever we plan to do tomato rice, we just season and saute the onions and then add this yummy tomato thokku and prepare instant tomato rice. Turmeric powder, chilli powder, fenugreek powder, sugar and garam masala. You can reduce it if you want it less spicy. He especially likes the onion tomato masala in which the potato is cooked. If you had seen something red peaking out in my Ari Dosa post, then it was this delicious “Thakkali Thokku”.Thakkali Thokku is basically a tomato chutney prepared in parts of South India – not Kerala though – and goes amazingly well with anything – chapathis, as side for rice, with dosas and idlis.You name it, it goes really well with it. A few weeks ago, I hauled home five pounds of juicy red tomatoes for five bucks. Onion Tomato Thokku Recipe is a perfect side dish for idli dosa. There are different kinds of relish used in everyday Tamil cuisine and tomato thokku is one of my favorites. Always for tomato rice, the tomato should be more than the onion. tomato capsicum thokku This is a very simple thokku, handy for travel, goes well with Chappathi, Idly, Rice, Curd rice etc., and can be refrigerated for 3 to 4 days when onion is used. 2. We had it with plain curd and vendakkai poriyal. Tomato thokku is a very easy and simple dish to prepare .With very few ingredients one can make this thokku in a short time.I added garlic but you can omit and prepare this with onions alone which tastes different. This onion tomato thokku keeps well in the refrigerator for up to a week. Thakkali Poondu Thooku is a easy south indian side dish for idli dosai made with ripe tomatoes and garlic. Tomato Thokku goes well with Dosa, Chapati, Curd Rice and also with just simple plain rice. Generally this is very apt during travels where there will … This is one recipe which was requested by lots of my viewers. you could have tomato thokku with idli, dosa or even just plain bread or plain boiled rice. Celery thokku is a Onion -tomato based gravy with celery. Tomato Onion Thokku - The simplest and tastiest side dish which can be prepared within 20 minutes is Tomato onion thokku. This is a saver recipe for me as I do it on my lazy cooking days. It is tangy, spicy and delicious chutney prepared with flavourful ingredients.This thokku is perfect for travel. Tomato pickles tastes great with tiffin items like idli, dosa, uthappam, upma etc. It is very piquant in taste and goes very well for idli, dosa and chapati. They were tomatoes on the vine and were dead cheap for that price, also really juicy and vibrant that I couldn’t resist buying. Tomato onion thokku is a South Indian style chutney that is spicy, tangy, savory and slight sweet in taste. Add 2 chopped tomatoes. Serve it with curd or onion raita. It’s been quite a long time since I made Onion Tomato Thokku or travel thokku as we call it. It was my bestie Deepa’s absolute favorite. I promise… It is great side by itself but addition of any veggies make it even more special. This is one of … Perfect recipe that stays fresh for long travels. Thokku rice – Mix it with hot rice with a dollop of ghee and serve it with raita or papad and make a quick meal of pickle rice. I always becomes amazing accompaniment for idlies, dosa and chapathi. Method for making Thakkali Thokku 1. This is a delicious sidedish for rice. A good tomato thokku is probably the easiest thing to make since most of the cooking time is passive and you can go about your other work while the thokku gets cooked on the stove. This thokku calls for using shallots or sambhar onions which has a distinct flavour. This tomato thokku is perfect for long travels. But this tomato thokku has become everyone’s favorite. Onion Thokku is a tasty side dish to Idlis, Dosas, Chappathis or Curd Rice. This is a very easy to do recipe and can be put together in minutes. Chop the onions, tomatoes, and slit the green chillies and garlic. Egg Thokku or Muttai Thokku is quick fix South Indian dish prepared with eggs. thakkali thokku recipe with step by step photos. I have expressed my eternal love for chutneys almost in every single chutney post…..so keeping it short n sweet. Onion tomato thokku is a very simple receipe that you have make within 10 minutes. It goes great with curd rice or side dish for Idly, dosa and chapathi. This onion tomato thokku is the ideal condiment to pair with chapati, poori or even slather it on toasted bread. It can be prepared and stored in fridge for weeks. It is more like gojju (sweet and spicy gravy) and thokku (vegetable pickle). Tomato thokku is a versatile dish which goes well with idli, dosa, chapati, paratha, curd rice, upma and many more dishes. Me and my family is a big fan of this tomato thokku. Heat oil in a pan, splutter the mustard seeds and fry the urad dal to golden brown. An Ideal Travel Food: If you are going on a road trip or on a tour and looking to make something that can feed a crowd, then look no further. It goes well with both rice and chapathi. I learnt this recipe from a magazine and it was a super hit at home. In kadai, add 1 tsp oil, Mustard seeds, cumin seeds a nd when they start to splutter add the black gram, onion, green chillies, ginger garlic paste, curry leaves and saute well. Mix well. Onion N tomato Thokku , an excellent dish can help u at any moment, u dont have any side dish for breakfast, this thokku goes awesome with idlies, dosai, uthappams as well as chappathis, bored of making gravies for lunch, just prepare this thokku n mix with cooked rice, tasty tomato rice ready within few minutes.. typically it is prepared for breakfast, but it can also be served as side dish for lunch with steamed rice and tastes amazing ghee rice combination. Noone says no to this yummy receipe. Recipe with step by step pictures. Method Heat a kadai with some oil Add onions, pounded garlic, and saute them Add capsicum and saute along Add salt, turmeric powder, chilli powder and mix well Add tomatoes and mix well Add some oil and saute it for 20 mins Turn off the stove, Onion Tomato Thokku is ready to be served Take cooked rice and cool it down, then add the tomato thokku and mix well.Take care not to break the grains of the rice.Check salt and add if required. Yesssss!!! Thakkali Thokku is a traditional South Indian pickle prepared with tomatoes. It is a very simple and easy recipe for all those who love eggs. These beautiful flavors play a wonderful medley with dishes like dosa, idli, utappam, appam and wada.In South India it is also packed as a travel food and relished with parotta, methi akki roti and ghee rice.. It's easy to make and goes well with roti, idly, dosa and pongal. Without onion & capsicum, it can be used even for a week, if properly cooked with liberal dose of oil. For Tomato Puree, just grind the tomatoes with skin. Tomato Thokku - Thokku recipes - Tomato thokku - easy homemade thokku prepared with tomatoes, chilly powder, tamarind and fenugreek powder. I usually add more oil to preserve it for days. It is like a mandatory thing in our house. How to serve thakkali thokku- As a side dish – You can serve this with idli, dosa, chapati, paratha, and yogurt rice.As a sandwich spread – You can even smear it on bread and make a spicy sandwich.

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