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British kings and queens are expected to be seen both at horse races and boxing matches. A: Liners stuffed with horsehair, tied below the chin. He's the fellow who wrote: "There is no avoiding war; it can only be postponed to the advantage of others.". At last report, it had 21,537 people, not even half as many as work in the 110-story twin towers of New York's World Trade Center. What word? Since antiquity, wreathes of it have been awarded as crowns to all sorts of notables. A: A broken wooden spear estimated to have been shaped earlier than 200,000 B.C., before radiocarbon dating limits. "Alfalfa" comes from the Arabic "Al-fac-facah" meaning "the father of all foods." That is, was the Saul who WAS a member of the Herodian family as described by Josephus the same Saul that was the Apostle Paul? A: All were named Hugh Williams. Artificial!" Not one person on the Mayflower's historic pilgrimage had a middle name. ", Go back to medieval Frenchmen who hunted with dogs. Think of that! In time he sent the slave through the lines to his son-in-law. But a game show host says you're battier than a billygoat.... A: The game show host is quite right, but what's that got to do with it? Was a time when the horses in Japan wore straw sandals. Irish Proverb No. Credit those Spanish explorers, too, with bringing over the game of billiards. What the Pilgrims so sorely wished they'd brought with them was a plow or two, according to the historical footnotes. Trace back the liquids used to christen ships: Now it's champagne. Where'd it come from? The Agua is a dead volcano in Guatemala. In Swahili time, it's 0:00. In the French court of Louis XIV, only the King and Queen could sit in chairs with arms. No. Nothing. The Old Testament is written with a vocabulary of about 5,800 words. …just in time to observe 'young' Laura remove my last weapon...After withdrawal from its scabbard and with her holding it up for my inspection however I'm startled to find that it's actually a large, high permutation type, master key! Mentioned in a book called "Rig-Veda." As for the slave, he would've fared better with a Page Boy bob. All writings of words descended from drawn pictures. Or one of the several proffered origins. Q: In the original Snow White story, the villain was an evil stepmother. But you can see it better in the earlier spelling: "Goodbwye.". A: When William the Conqueror from France's Normandy invaded England in 1066, he decreed French the official language. Q: Who were the original "robber barons" for whom the term was coined? 894D: "There is no fool who has not his own kind of sense. Cyrus sentenced the river to death. Wives and children of the military long were officially designated as "camp followers," once a respectable term. That quadruples a horse's efficiency. Epicurus also thought the sun was about two feet in diameter. At least, that's what a Dutchman named Martinas Willem Beijerinck called them in 1898. Q: (Atriedes) I have a question. The marble floors of the palace at Versailles were renowned. A: Because "Egyptian Cobra" wouldn't fit in the headline, I suspect. Thought not. Long ago in Southern France, a donkey got loose in a vineyard at the Abbey of Marmoutier, and chewed up a lot of vines. Early Spanish soldiers in the Western Hemisphere asked where they could find gold. Superheated glass flows like honey. Heretofore unknown mummies still turn up. The aura of ominous mystery lasted for centuries. In 1915, one Mr. Chubb of England paid the equivalent of $11,000 for Stonehenge and gave it to his dear wife. The good Valentine had been emperor for a decade before he got around to ending the parental death decrees. Chevrons, those insignia that look like roof rafters, originally represented roof rafters, in fact. A Love and War man item, if ever I've seen one. Why all the mythical dragons are portrayed in art with eagles' claws I do not know. So he started wearing shoes with broad square tips. Camels do that. But, what is the meaning of 'Alnwick? That truth is revealed through the. A flemish chemist named Jan van Helmont coined it about 1625. A: Because the elephants return repeatedly to grazing grounds where they've found fermented fruit. Why he so long was regarded as a bright fellow I do not know. Your assignment: List edibles that became popular when street talkers labeled them aphrodisiacs. Q: What was going on in the New World when Columbus first sailed in 1492? Q: What color lipstick did the women of ancient Egypt wear? Their staple since the Bronze Age had been oats. Old English law required a suicide to be buried near a crossroads at midnight without religious rites. Full text of "Caesar in Gaul, and selections from the third book of the Civil war" See other formats He decreed a father couldn't kill his children without cause. Slept that night on the beach. Scientists now so believe after DNA and virus tests of ancient remains. So the deities of fertility and culture were goddesses, not gods. Still there. And sprains, strains and sunburn hurt more. A: One periodically washed to keep it moist and supple as it ages. Poetic folk, the Portuguese. The North African for centuries ate the gladiolus. At one time in ancient Rome nobody under the age of 30 could drink wine legally. Q: (L) Okay. A blow of a swan's wing can break a man's arm. The city name was originally, I find myself on what appears to be a mid-west farm in the U.S (but reminding me a little of the area surrounding Salinas, California) and while walking towards barns and other structures my attention is drawn to a glistening silver race car (like an American Stock Car) with one large. Q: If those sardines in that little can on my kitchen shelf had escaped the net to grow up, what would they be called? Before then, family members bundled together in a common bedding place. When a male camel takes an interest in a female camel, he wards off other interested males by spitting in their eyes. A Scotsman refers to the hindquarters of his horse as its "curple.". Fossil scorpions date back 400 million years. But people kept asking what it meant, so their continuing questions finally gave the word a different definition. His contemporaries did. Q: How can we "shell" corn when corn doesn't have shells? A lot of people are interested in alfalfa. Among Asian elephants, some but not all of the males grow tusks. A: It's woven on Harris Island in Scotland's Outer Hebrides. in Alexandria, Egypt. They aren't as manageable as reindeer. A lifelong trainer of horses says the techniques of his trade haven't changed at all in the last eight centuries. The raspberry sound, otherwise known as the Bronx cheer, was a common expression in the old Roman senate. Because of the city's name, the ore came to be known as magnetite. German Proverb No. Q: What's a typical breakfast in Scotland? Mars looks red, so early Mediterranean folk saw that planet as bloody and identified it as a god of war. They do, in fact. A: Off the mouth of the Amazon. Some misinformed messenger had steered them wrong. A: A pendant that many a woman in India hangs on her forehead. And so they could protect their designs from textile pirates. Name of the horse was "Favel." What distinguished the Greek physician Hippocrates from the other healers of his time was his contention that diseases had natural causes without the influence of evil spirits. Without it, their polarity remains spiritually sterile and they. Sheep and goats are exceedingly fond of rape, which some city folk may be surprised to learn is an herb akin to mustard. Legend suggests outsiders thought the Gotham folk dimwitted. at Cyrene, Libya. Among the most powerful men in French politics going into the 17th century, Duke d'Epernon made many enemies. Oarsmen powered ancient Greek warships called triremes. These nibbled grass roundabout. It wasn't until more than four centuries later that milk was added to make ice cream. And "to file down the teeth of a horse to obscure its true age thus to get a higher sale price.". Saint Jerome was a ��� Q: What's the average life expentacy of a working camel? Say beer. Stupid, isn't it?". History records that those collectors became exceedingly dangerous hunters of men. Q: The Moors long lived in North Africa. Persians grew it in the fifth century B.C. From camel dung, as you may have read. A: Indentured servants, not considered slaves then. Rulers of ancient Rome required offspring to care for their family's elderly. If you need professional help with completing any kind of homework, Success Essays is the right place to get it. The Dutch word "bradewijn" means "wine that has been burned" — an allusion to wine distilled over fire — and out of it came our word for "brandy.". To the Portuguese sailors who named the island. Women adored him. Rust? Their identity is still recognized in the names of which two countries? Strong evidence in the tombs suggests tuberculosis was rampant in ancient Egypt. Among the medieval aristocracy, many saw it as a point of pride to declare they had never had to take a bath. That atrocity for trophy is ancient. A: First flocks were bought in France and Switzerland by the London Company and shipped in 1609 to Jamestown, Va. Hindus speak of six, not just four, seasons: spring, summer, the rains, autumn, winter and the dews. The cult died out. If you committed a murder on a weekday in medieval England, you could be fined 10 shillings. Remarkable what governments do to prop up their nations' ailing industries. Scholars queried on this matter said they couldn't think of any, either. It was not customary for people to sleep in private bedrooms until about 500 years ago. Or so goes the story. Merchant seamen shut down work aboard ships by "striking" their sails — lowering them — and that's where labor's word "strike" came from. An old Greek map drawn by Heratosthene in 2 B.C. Thought that made them brave. Old Romans played it. Q: If the Egyptian mummies aren't the oldest, which mummies are? Athletes. Now archaeologists there dig up shards of cookware. To "seize," to "carry away.". They far outnumber peace gods, must say. Six years after that best-remembered date, 1492, when Columbus sailed for elsewhere. They pick me. He wrote such balmy lines for Julius Caesar to quote to the lovers he abused. If blue or black, edible. So they had to be carted around in sedan chairs. Studious researchers found he used 20,138 different words in all his works. Every Greek statue of a naked female depicts a goddess. A: "Dracul" in Romanian means "devil," so in that real province of Transylvania the name "Dracula" means "son of devil.". That, according to several accounts. A: A special lime. He who jumped over a lighted candle could expect good luck if the candle stayed lit. A: She was born in 1412 in Domremy, then an autonomous state outside the control of the French monarchy. Madder. "Eclipse" comes from the Greek for "failure. Presumably. Q: How come "tortilla" means omelet in Spain but cornmeal flatbread in Mexico? Not counting the human. It let them sail the open sea. They all picked that one. Is that true? Q: Two of Europe's capital cities are built each on seven hills? Feeble souls have wishes. julius caesar, transformed to a star Apollo's son came to us from abroad, but Caesar is a god in his own land. ", English Proverb: "What good is running if you're on the wrong road?". Q: (L) Was the DNA change that we are experiencing programmed into us so that after so many generations these changes would just sort of kick in? Q: You said Indians used to burn fish for candles. The Chinese later experimented with brushes of horse hair and badger fur. Had you rather Caesar were living and die all slaves, than that Caesar were dead, to live all free men? Andronicus Livius, a Roman actor of the third century B.C., didn't have much of a speaking voice. A: One John Dee, a contemporary of Shakespeare. their first homeland was northern India, the Punjab. It's an ancient corruption, they say, of "daisy" even as "daisy" was a corruption of "day's eye.". Q: Where's the biggest glacier in Europe? As Marco Polo made his way across what's now Azerbaijan, he noticed surface seepage of oil, and with local advice smeared it on the skin lesions of his camels. Many 17th-century Londoners objected mightily to umbrellas. Who borrowed it from the Middle Easterners who say "salaam.". Actual smallpox has been eradicated entirely, but great pox is still around. Early in the 16th century, Pietro Lando, the podesta at Padua, saw his son kiss the young man's one and only girlfriend on a public street, and Pietro had his son beheaded. A: Maybe, but some French court popularized the 17th-century French court popularized high heels for another reason. Q: (L) Alright, then if there's nothing else, I'm going to say good night. King Matthias I of Hungary in the 15th century ordered every 20 houses to provide his fighting force with one horse soldier. Earlier, animal blood was the christener, a sacrifice to the gods. One pot to wash. Scandinavians simplify. For some reason. While in charge, his word was law. Chinese Proverb No. A: Deer. Heavy rains filled the great hollow cone with water, making a deep crater lake, and the torrents turned the mountainsides to mud. It cut the murderers' work week down to three days. Q: If William Shakespeare wasn't a drunk, why did Voltaire refer to him as "that drunken fool"? The Latin Andecavum gave also Anjou its name. That's the theory. The Welsh make bread out of seaweed. Or so say the archives examiners. A: Just about the same time Christopher Columbus did, give or take a few decades. That killed it. There were bumblebees but no honeybees hereabouts until the colonists brought them over. A: Cahokia. One of the things he served them — as they played in their court — was a ball. It was illegal by decree in bygone Cambodia to insult a rice plant. However, does it make any sense? Q: Julius Caesar said, "I came, I saw, I conquered." You can get creative with this data. In the middle of the darkness I saw an explosion of light (we constantly see small bursts of light) but this time the intensity of the explosion was greater. Don't ask. Can you name any society in human history where it has not been bad manners to point at somebody? Anyone who "couldn't hold a candle" to somebody was thought none too swift. Prescribed punishment for giving away silk secrets in old China was "death by torture. Q: If no asps lived in Cleopatra's Egypt, how come the story says she was bitten by one? In the Ptolemy Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, each tax collector personally had to pony up the tax of any evader assessed in said collector's assigned group. Hindu Proverb No. Of Limburger cheese, William Shakespeare wrote: "The rankest compound of villainous smell that ever offended nostril." Her many reincarnations included Helen of Troy, among others, and she finally was reincarnated as Helen, a slave and prostitute in the Phoenician city of Tyre. Two up front, a rein handler and a shooter. Judges carried not whistles but whips. It's said, still, infidelity is extremely rare among gypsy women. Check it out with Greeks of your acquaintance. One surgical session, three down. A fox hunts alone. Took them a while. The allusion is to a newly married man, supposedly suggesting "a marriage between the eggs and the ham." This is the first of … An anonymous student of humans wrote: "History repeats itself because nobody was listening the first time.". Paint is applied while the plaster is wet. Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar altered the whole course ��� Not the well-known bugle call. Chimneys, no. The portraits of Julius Caesar are more veristic than those of Pompey. Even back to armored knights. "Nothing is said that has not been said before." And means "know." Learning a profitable trading strategy is possible, You should watch this presentation video, It's probably the best way to learn how to win with binary option. He just didn't know how to make the film. The Greek, Aristotle, thought he was a member of the supreme race. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or ��� Remarkable costume, the sari. 1. The "hero on the white horse" was a cliche of drama then, too. Anna was the first person known to make a business of selling doughnuts. Conn is a masculine English- and Irish-language given name, as well as an English-language surname. Chinese builders of the Great Wall ate it. showed three continents about equal size labeled Europe, Asia and Libya. Laurels were also symbol of victory in heraldry, first given to the winners in the early Olympic Games and later born by the conquerors such as Julius Caesar. The Project Gutenberg EBook of British Quarterly Review, American Edition, Vol. A Native American settlement in southern Illinois with about 30,000 people. It was the deflecting shield that saved the knight. The camel is a better swimmer than the horse, but why is a mystery. Not an ideal wedding of words, but it served. Any historian will tell you Cleopatra was her own sister-in-law. Q: What makes you think the umbrella was invented to block sunshine, not rain? A: Theorists think shepherds batted wool balls around the grazing grounds with crooks. ", Saint Jerome was a Dalmatian. And one other thing: If his wife mourned the deaths of his parents for three years, he couldn't divorce her thereafter. Q: How do you account for the fact that elephants, unlike almost all other animals, do not fight for territory? Which was the more important invention? Q: First kitchen utensil invented is said to be the ladle. Q: Where did we get the expression "to paint the town red"? So it became the custom for the royal hangmen to take a bite or two of it before going to work. But why is not explained. ", Spanish Proverb No. Q: When was the private bedroom invented? They were what led to the "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" fancy. Chinese Proverb: "A clear conscience never fears the midnight knock. Critics said, "Drape the statues or put in handrails." Egypt's first known pyramid was built about 2650 B.C. That's how they sank the enemy. Called them the "Dies Mali." It was the case among the old Anglo-Saxons, though. In Georges de La Tour's 1621 painting called "The Fortune Teller," an old Gypsy woman sits in a city coffee house, reading the palm of a vain young aristocrat while her daughter squeezes a tiny metal clipper to snip the pompous fellow's watch from its chain. Best looking King of France ever was said to have been Francis the First. She said: "In obedience to the will of God, I came. Nigeria is quite a mix. The name Abigail consists of two elements; Derived from the Old French Loeis, which is from the Old High German Hluodowig (, Jesus was their Lord and Master who was to be served with. LIII, by Various This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. Old Persian Proverb: "Fortunate parents who have fine children usually have fortunate children who have fine parents.". Q: Where'd we get the "late" in the phrase "the late John Doe" or whomever? judge their actions throughout their lives, Paul's Necessary Sin: The Experience of Liberation - Pauline Christianity = PaleoChristianity, File:Vincenzo Camuccini - La morte di Cesare.jpg - Wikimedia Commons. I do not pick the wrong guys. Q: What have we got against eating horse meat, anyway? So the locals simply wove Latin into their own language. An inventor four centuries ago came up with a new ribbon loom, and it scared everybody in the weavers' trade. His papal decree stuck. Both our game words "serve" and "tennis" started there. Q: Among the Tuaregs of the Sahara, I've read, it's the men, not the women, who wear veils. One of same published a 500-page book titled "The Exploits of The Duke d'Epernon," wherein every page was blank. Born in 276 B.C. When smallpox flooded through Mexico and Central America in the 16th century, it killed about half the Aztecs. But it's not thought to be significant. "…The Greek forms astēr, "astro," and "astrum" (all of which mean "star") still cast their light in English by way of such words as "asteroid," "astral," and "disaster" (which originally meant "an unfavorable aspect of a planet or star"). Students of antiquity say that petite pup known as the Chihuahua was bred by the Aztecs to be eaten by the Aztecs. A: Eating meat at one time in old Japan was somewhat like smoking cigarettes today. 1177C in our Love and War man's file, labeled "Multiple Marriage," is this Scottish proverb: "Never marry a widow unless her first husband was hanged.". ", "Taps" dates back to the Thirty Years War, 1618-1648. With races mostly, some wrestling matches, too. 3927-C in our Love and War man's file details part of the law in medieval England against illicit romantic affairs. And the name as such eventually was exported across the North Atlantic to where good little villages grew great. This period lasted from about 1600 to 1750. Insofar as it's now known. The city is first mentioned by Ptolemy around ad 150 in his Geography. Both the words "sugar" and "candy" derive from languages of India. That rosy iron oxide has certainly led to a lot of inane mythology, antique and modern. This, in fact, is why it came to be chosen by so many Westerners as the token animal of Easter. …while analysing the imagery and furiously trying to remember ‘Her’*, the image began to fade and the dream moved on... Q: ...(L) OK, let me say this. In what's now India. But nobody knows where the breed actually got started. Ancient Greeks wanted nothing but winners in their military. A: Never. You can try it, but it doesn't work. And ritualized to make sure the gods would recognize the individuals depicted. The Upstairs symbolizes your spiritual awareness aspect of self, or the Higher Self that holds all the keys or knowledge to this life���s role you are acting out, and always has your higher good looked after, no ��� In Armenian, no word can start with an "R.". Q: If camels don't store the bulk of their water in their humps, where do they store it? A: It was named for the Roman port of Adria. It's a matter of historical record that the Romans invented the folding pocket knife. Queen Kahena, a Berber in Northwest Africa, was one. To get to North Africa, those animals had to go from lower North America up through what's now Alaska, across the natural bridge to Siberia, and slowly, ever so slowly, down through Asia. Spritely, chatty and sociable, drinking straight bourbon even... and after we’d visited a number of localities (that I didn’t recognise) leaving me with an intriguing instruction to ponder the phrase ‘I don’t know’? Hardly anybody, maybe nobody then, believed him. The word comes from the Italian for "fresh." Man invented the big guns long before the little guns. Q: Whatever happened to the French adventurer Etienne Brule who came to North America in 1608 with Samuel de Champlain? Every third man in ancient Athens worked with marble. You can tell which word we got from that. Daniel is a masculine given name and a surname of Hebrew origin... and derives from two early biblical figures...the best known Daniel is the hero of the Book of Daniel who interprets dreams and receives apocalyptic visions...founder of the Israelite Tribe of Dan. Bread of England 700 years ago was so lightly leavened it couldn't be sliced but had to be broken. The historical footnotes say they were serious in their stated belief that "the purpose of rain is to make people wet.". Tudor kings set the standard length of a furrow at 220 yards, an eighth of a mile. It's relatively recent, purposely crossbred to bring out that wolf look. A: Until 374 A.D. The relevant part of the table of contents has been extracted from that document, and a brief title page added. He and his brother Bleda jointly inherited the Hunnish Kingdom. The second day can be significant: Soup, stew and hash taste better then. ", You knew "Goodbye" dates back to "God be with you." "Yacht" is a Dutch word, and such a boat clearly would have been called something else if the Dutch hadn't crafted the earliest version around 1660. A: Northern Africa was in a five-year drought. History shows lotteries started centuries ago, grew popular, then fell out of favor off and on ever since. weren't all that much different. That never did produce rain, but they clung to the ritual. In 1670, the choirmaster at the Cologne Cathedral handed out sugar sticks bent into the shape of shepherds' crooks, highly symbolic in Christian history. Normans banqueted on the meat. Sweetheart's. At 2 a.m. on an autumn morning in 1541, mud engulfed the then capital of Ciudad Vieja at the foot of the flow, burying more than 1,000 people. Most of the fabric patterns on the oldest dress known — India's sari — are designed by computer now. Q: Sugar pills work as though they were good medicine because people think they'll work. Reindeer, shmeindeer, the Netherlands' St. Nicholas rides a horse. This is not the only way it's done, however. Q: You said the ancient Greeks were the big kissers. That word "garlic" came down from the Anglo-Saxon "gar" for "spear" and "lead" for "leek.". A "thimble" originally was called a "thumb bell," but you knew that. Each frieze illustrated some sort of narrative. Those hired shanghaiers sometimes threw in a few "straw men" — stuffed sacks dressed in men's clothing. Q: Which of the renowned kings or queens reputedly never bathed at all? Their flicking tongues in the sunlight looked like flames. Ask a few camels where they learned to swim, and they'll just shrug, I imagine. Chopped cabbage aged in rice wine was the first sauerkraut. A fighting rooster's crest droops when he's whipped. Actually, Wales' "National Flower" is the leek. One historian says nothing more imposing than the little cork cost the church its exclusive franchise. Q: Why was it once against the law in France to wear green clothing? To treat baldness, naturopaths for centuries prescribed varieties of plants with hairy roots. It survives falls that kill other big beasts. Archaeologists digging into an ancient ruin near Rome found graffiti on an outer wall with this loose street translation: "Nero is a weirdo.". On cloudless days, they remain unseen just under the ground's surface. Moisture can swell mushrooms 100 times their dry size. But the name "Taps" to signal the military day's end. Or so the scholars now report. Today's vegetarians cite fossil teeth as proof of what nature intended. 392C: "Rice born in water must die in wine.". So did Josef Stalin. Don't know who sold him that notion, but it was a pretty good way to move artichokes. Q: Why do you and others sometimes tack a rhetorical "what?" His wife said, "I thought all men smelled like that." Crime, too, comes with the territory. Another physical act recognized in every known society is the shrug of shoulders to mean "I don't know.". Another thing that makes the ruling dynasty of Japan unique is it has no name. Rich in iodine, that seaweed. Saint Veran is a tiny village in the French Alps. A: Its weight in silver shillings. This roughly is why ivy both clings and climbs. Time was in England long ago when middle names were illegal. They changed it to Constantinople. If you want to serve an appetizer such as the old Romans served, try a tray of radishes with honey for the dip. A: A "wyvern" is what classicists call it. So it was writ in William the Conqueror's Domesday Book of A.D 1086. Mostly, scholars surmise, one Neanderthals ceremonially ate another in the hope of acquiring from the devoured denizen such a characteristic as strength or courage. In Gaelic. A: Wound up embalmed in a red leather bag that hung from his widow's bedpost for the last 29 years of her life. Whether you are looking for essay, coursework, research, or term paper help, or with any other assignments, it is no problem for us. No recent artificial trick, this. Buddhist priests understand that. Some translations of Exodus XXII, 18 read: "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." What's certain is ginger was the favorite spice in her day. "To break bread" once was a literal term. She'd thought him dead. would remain for Caesar's adopted son, Augustus, to take up where he had left off. So "burglar" meant "city thief.". But a grazing horse to slice loose a mouthful jerks his head toward himself. Item No. If he'd known she craved pork, he would have been liable, ruled the court. It was then known as, …in the beginning God had his first thought, his Ennoia, which was female, and that thought was to create the angels. 36A: "One may survive distress, but not disgrace.". First gypsum quarries were in the Montmartre of Paris. Early Arabs used petroleum seepage as a mange medicine for camels. In their Scandinavian identity, they were called Russians, whence the national name Russia. This historical footnote shows how isolated women were then and there. ", In Cerreto, Italy, lived a family of bunco artists named "Ciarlatano." Hunters hate farmers and herders. In 1660, the local powers in Massachusetts told her to get out of their colony. He lost it entirely during a performance, improvised silently, and the audience liked him better that way. Q: What give key lime pie its name — a special recipe or a special lime? The efficient city council there promptly hired an assassin to strangle the inventor. An "underslave" was what the old Romans called a slave owned by a slave. One on Rhode Island's State Capitol. They called everything something else. Q: ...And, who is who here? It was the same Capt. Educated in Athens, Greece. It was once a well-known word. "By" is the common Scandinavian word for village. Whence: "vinegar.". Nik'ure, son of an Egyptian pharaoh, died in 2601 B.C., leaving the oldest known last will and testament. That was why Europeans hung the redskin tag on them. A widow caught in the physical act could be fined 20 shillings, but a young unmarried woman so apprehended was only liable for 10 shillings. Should be. But the cork let makers age wine in small quantities, and ship it. The galli castrated themselves during an ecstatic celebration called the Dies sanguinis, or "Day of Blood", which took place on March 24. Don't know what those centuries of oat-eating did for their cholesterol, but their life expectancy breaks no records. Clearly, the English astronomer Edmund Halley knew more about what was overhead than underfoot. Consider the half-man half-horse centaurs of Greek mythology. So asked a sizable sampling of men to point to the best-looking of two photographs of a woman. 511D in our Love and War man's files: "In 5,000 years of recorded human history, polygamy has been much more common than monogamy. First the Swahili culture chose to recognize sunrise as the start of each day. French for "sour wine" is "vin aigre," whence: "vinegar. Q: A TV show about English says women saved the language from extinction. In northern Europe, they're called elk. Gingham. Q: Can you eat the meat of that shellfish called the conch straight out of its shell? A: Can only report that archaeologists have popped 1,000-year-old popcorn. If you have several, you've got a fesnyng. Onions rank No. In every society worldwide, it's known, men in fear turn to their mothers, if they can. Tell the bartender the Chinese invented whiskey, too. He failed to include in it "a piece of hog's flesh," she complained. There still exists a papyrus book of dreams dating back approximately 3,500 years in which dream ��� It was an ancient legal tradition that a widow had the right to remain for 40 days in the house of her deceased husband. And earlier. Another legend states that Bellerophon, …feminine form of the Roman family name Caecilius, which was derived from Latin caecus meaning ", …a composite mythical being, appearing occasionally in art, literature, and multimedia; combining the head, arms and torso of a woman (more rarely a man) and, from the lower torso down, the tentacles of an octopus or squid as a form of mermaid or sea demon. In the Western Hemisphere where chilies grew, natives liked to eat them. in Babylon, where young women in good physical condition were sold on the block. Those coins had little intrinsic value. In 1680, Maryland colonists noted in their records they ran out of supplies so fought off starvation by eating oysters. The city of Byzantium was named in honor of Byzas the Navigator. A: He said stepmothers don't need that kind of image, they have it rough enough. At least, that's how the young African pygmy did it, traditionally, to prove his courage. It's written that Sotuku, 12th century emperor of Japan, exiled himself for three years to copy a 10,500-word Buddhist religious work called the Lankauarn Sutra in his own blood. Some writers contend "no word ever has the exact same meaning twice." A 15th-century songwriter named Oliver Bassel lived there. Back when most people ate off wooden trenchers, many objected to crockery plates because they dulled knives. But it took robert Browning's lengthy verse about it to make it famous. Q: Why are "cacao" tree beans called "cocoa" beans? Any young man in search of a romantic partner ought to watch a parade. We the people are wondrously slow to see the obvious, are we not? No. The nature of cult ���furniture��� (i.e. Q: Why do historians insist Nero did not play a fiddle while Rome burned? Item No. The indentured blacks and their descendants contributed mightily to the events of history, but were not written into it. Their label came down as our word "dismal.". China's archives indicate Tang Dynasty officials in the seventh century elected to declare their status by wearing embroidered goldfish badges. Any British prostitute who worked the docks was called a "docky" in the 16th century. Mush. As were paisley, cashmere, crewel and madras. What was the word? Penalty for stealing a Pekinese in old China was death. None. Q: Where'd we get the "jack" in "jackknife"? Can you refute the contention it was the first non-religious song ever printed? Several major battle scenes in Mel Gibson's "Braveheart" had to be reshot because some extras wore sunglasses and wristwatches in the first takes. Cuna natives replied "panna mai" meaning "far away." Q: How come fire-breathing dragons were dreamed up long before anybody knew about dinosaurs? A: Some bears and that spitz breed of dog called the chow chow. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord: Tom Joad and Jim Casy, who are both interpreted as Christ-like figures at certain intervals within the novel. The Baroque style is noted for its use of exaggerated motion and rich, minute detail in order to bring out ��� Q: Why did people at first think tomatoes were poisonous? Q: Everybody knows about smallpox, but is there any such thing as "big pox"? Not the profoundest of his profundities maybe. A: Somebody spread the word that Indians drank sassafras broth to treat syphilis. A: South Pacific boaters in an antique age saw hugh lizards. That proved it, all right. Still, that credit more likely belongs to some girlfriend of a sailor who brought it home. But two gallons per child? Just today I read an account in Julius Caesar of the yew tree���s powers. The war chariot of ancient Rome needed a three-man crew. "Shambles" used to mean "slaughterhouse.". "Geranium" comes from the Greek for "crane's bill." The Santa Maria was formally listed as La Gallicia, Nina as Santa Clara, and Pinta as another name long since lost. And Peter’s query to the risen Christ (quo vadis) was answered; ...a female folk healer or medicine woman who uses herbs or psychoactive plants, magic, and spiritualism to treat illness, induce visions, impart traditional wisdom, etc. "Sean-tigh" is Gaelic for "old house." Selkirk was still mad. You don't hear much about the great French surgeon Ambroise Pare. The Sumerians may not have been the first people in the world to brew beer, but they were the first to write about it. Thought I would try to find out about the word ". A: Bow from the waist, palms on thighs, heels together. A: Roman invaders found it growing wild in England and cultivated it. It's a matter of record that the Aztecs were extremely clean, and the Spanish conquistadors were extremely dirty, and the Spaniards won. Take the laborers who built the Great Pyramid of Cheops in ancient Egypt. Client asks, Who got such names originally, and why? Then, buxom meant "yielding" and "bonny" meant "attractive. The Aztecs knew all about corn, but nothing about hens' eggs. But it is spoken in Ethiopic Church services, only there. The British Empire Timeline Timeline Description: The British Empire, also known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, was once the largest empire in the world. ", Item No. What made the Vikings such a power back in their time, I've read, was their invention of the keel. That word "sphinx" came from the Greek meaning "strangler.". Globe mapmakers perpetuated it. Q: When in this country was a woman required by law to take her husband's name? Finally, two men, an uncle and his nephew with the same name, in an undated shipwreck. But they all died out. A: Under the Roman Empire it did. He was nicknamed "aux garnons" — French for "with whiskers" — and that wound up as Algernon. ", Oldest known Last Will and Testament was left by Nik'ure, son of an Egyptian pharaoh. ; An ‘Imperator’ quote, again from Mike, made me smile the other day –, So much of truth is given as man can grasp; no more under any circumstances, but just so much as he can grasp, so much as suffices for his present craving. The soldiers didn't get the message, so stayed. So is a porcupine's quill coat. Julius Caesar, "De Bello Gallico", VI, 13. Where did he work? That skullcap worn by popes, cardinals and bishops is called a "zucchetto," and the prescribed colors for these notables are white, red and purple, respectively. If the chair on which the bishop sat had not been called a "cathedra," the building in which the chair was kept would not have been called a "cathedral." A: When dried, a particularly oily type of smelt, eulachon, burns for quite awhile if somebody touches a flame to its tail. Wildlifers say their languages are primitive. Q: What men started the fashion of wearing neckties? Then died. Teutonic rainmakers poured water over nude girls. I also like these blue and green colours of nature, and the gold of spirit... And for you ?? But few could understand the translation. With 170 oars stacked in three levels on each side. No, back up. The Pied Piper legend had been around for a long time. Evidence suggests prehistoric man chewed mustard seed with his meat. There was another kind of "straw man" — besides the scarecrow — in early America. A 100-gun vessel, according to one shipwright's notes, used just about all of an 80-acre oak forest. A: Goes back to the ancient Greeks. Some lizards. The modern Hebrew dialect spoken by Israelis is not a precise revival of an ancient language. So it would up in the vernacular as "out in the sticks. That word "shivaree" — the noisy serenade of newlyweds — comes from a set of syllables that literally mean "headache.". A: That's one notion. In one, her eyes were dilated. Nations run by rulers who want to live peaceably are inclined to promote birth control. A: Romans took to it, sure enough. Early Spaniards thought a stone was only an emerald if when placed on an anvil it could withstand a mighty blow with a heavy hammer. On the old ships, three lines loose in the breeze let the ship wallow. To train them for horses. You need to pat it on the neck where it can see what you're up to. Time eroded syllables off that name until it became Boston. The original marshals likewise tended horses. Their word for a heap of those entrails collected on the game's hide gave us our word "quarry.". As it pertains right down to it, in the event that you really want to leap larger, you just discovered the most effective program on earth to complete so. Will he live on in history as long as England's last, if ever such there be? In those beings’ own way, and by right, any one of them, if it so desires, has the power to keep the flame of awareness; the power to disobey the summons to ‘die and be consumed’. A: A sort of vest that doesn't cover the waist. Not all historians agree with those who say the earliest sheep in North America came from France in 1609. Prostitutes in 15th-century Venice were required by local rule to solicit business only by appearing bare-breasted at open windows — thus to distinguish themselves from the many women thereabouts in other lines of endeavor. But the average Hollander did. No others got tombstone inscriptions. Client writes: "Herders hate hunters and farmers. A: A flat pack of rocks on a mountainside. No name is more common in nursery rhymes than Jack. A: In what's now northern Turkey, he saw the troops of Pharnaces II, King of Pontus, and beat up same in the Battle of Zela, then sent a message to the Roman Senate: "Veni, vidi, vici." L) Well, I think that obviously "tribal" means physiological spiritual union profile, and that that may have something to do with what we were talking about at a previous session when we asked about Caesar's soul group. That horse known as the paint goes way back. England's terminally sick kings traditionally pardoned all prisoners except murderers and thieves. Longevity isn't enough. Wouldn't it go right through the ghost? A: It was. Earliest auctions on record at hand go back to 450 B.C. Not all realize the dachshund is one of the oldest breeds of dog in history. This was the simplest job for the least capable of hired help. I was looking up at a spectacular giant ‘Huntress’ figure, poised as though holding a Bow, wearing a ‘Pteryges’ type of skirt and although immobile like a statue, very ‘alive’ and strikingly familiar. A: No, no, no, what I said was Queen Elizabeth I didn't wear underwear, nor did any of her contemporary Elizabethan ladies of England. They invented eyebrow tweezers. THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR THE FOODSERVICE PROFESSIONAL Lendal H. Kotschevar, Ph.D., FMP Valentino Luciani, CHE Second Edition John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ��� Gray wolves mate for life and fight to the death and make no noise at all during either activity. Its tree went from Asia to Spain to the Caribbean. From there it went west to Persia and on. Historical footnotes indicate it was a sin in ancient Rome to eat a woodpecker. Surgeons relied on speed before anesthesia, and among the speediest was Dr. Robert Liston of London. Scallions are the only sort of onion commonly used in traditional Japanese cooking. Builders of houses in old China traditionally put the roof up first. When you say you feel a little "groggy," if ever, you allude to the word "grog," the British sailor's term for watered rum. Even after they went into politics. But you cannot say it about men and monkeys. Depicted therein was a sorcerer named "Ochus Bochus.". ", Historians say those Native Americans called the Nez Perce didn't pierce their noses. Historians have much to say about William the Conqueror's Domesday Book — England's first official census of who owned what land and who lived on same. "Laura" is the feminine of "Lawrence." That's how the volcano got its name Agua, meaning water. A: Explanations vary, but it should be noted such laws allow governments legally to confiscate the property of the deceased. Behind them, a strap hanger to keep them from bouncing out of the vehicle as it rolled over the bodies. A fastball pitcher is much admired today, but not as was his prehistoric predecessor. The word "business" comes from Anglo-Saxon syllables of similar sound meaning "active," "worry" or "fatigue.". When the Italians tossed him into jail in 1525, an estimated 500 of his mistresses wept inconsolably. They arrived in Virginia 42 years before the first slaves came in 1661. Q: I've often heard it said so-and-so "can't hold a candle" to so-and-so. That renowned Fleur-de-Lis of France is actually a German iris, I'm told. But the Pacific is bulgier. Q: What were the ancient Romans looking for when they invaded Britain? A Huguenot named Bernard Palisay expressed the opinion in 1589 that fossils were the remains of living creatures. Q: History suggests Nicolaus Copernicus was the Polish genius who first theorized the earth traveled around the sun instead of vice versa. Q: What was the name of those six males who were sole survivors of different ship disasters? Believe I said it takes the production of 6,000 silkworms to make one. The original constable was a stable boy. Most cultures have had their liquor drinkers, but in none known have women been heavier drinkers than men. 1453: "To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.". Sharp mountains with volcanoes. Otters do. The biggest of Borneo's butterflies are bigger than the smallest of Borneo's owls. An expectant mother must be given whatever food she craves, otherwise she could lose her baby. Or so correspondents report. Controlled entire Italian peninsula. Halloween's trick-or-treat started in Ireland. You can say this, also, about sheep and goats. One of the most brilliant thinkers of the Middle Ages was a scholar named John Duns Scotus. Why mistletoe tends to grow on apple trees more than on other trees is still not fully explained. Q: What are the people of Azerbaijan called? The trinity — three — is lucky. So he was given a title that in Latin meant "I have spoken." It was the custom of women in ancient Egypt to pluck all the hair from their heads and then buff their scalps to a high shine. A: Indeed, that's the "tomato effect." Our word "hearse" came from the Latin for "harrow.". The law of Old Rome allowed funeral processions to move only at night. The horse collar changed how men worked. A: Spears, peels, slices and eats it with a knife and fork. So advised that philosophical Greek Epicurus. I didn't know there was a Berry in France either, but there is a line from the C's that has stuck in my mind. Ideally, they averred, if he were 24, she should be 8. The Laws of the Twelve Tables in ancient Rome — dating from about 450 B.C. Did I mention there are people who bake dandelions into biscuits? Trick query. Q: How much did tobacco cost in Shakespeare's day? Sewed up the wound of the patient, declaring success, only to note the unfortunate shortly died of gangrene. It enabled the ancients to snare fish and fowl. They could pierce armor at 400 yards. Confucius isn't a Chinese name, but K'ung Fu-Tzu is. Q: The onion is the national flower of what country? A: Each was created in India. Died about 194 B.C. William Shakespeare coined more than 1,700 words. He kept the thing open and waiting, like a taxi with the meter running. A: One Samuel Baldwin of Hampshire, England. You didn't? Correct, in England, the Speaker of the House is not allowed to speak. Much of East Africa is close to the equator. If a man is killed on shore, the slayer shall be bound to the dead body and buried with it.". It was even depicted in Egyptians tombs around 3400 B.C. That the horses of Shetland are exceedingly small is known by all. Wildlifers say the most widespread carnivore on land is the red fox. Jack, jump over the candlestick." The first in war and peace, he rose by wars, which closed in triumphs, and by civic deeds to glory quickly won, and even more his offspring's love exalted him as a new, a heavenly, sign and brightly ��� Something else Europe has in common with Antarctica is neither has any native parrots, and you can't say that about the other continents. The Pharaoh Ramses was called Ramses the Great in part because he was so tall for his time — 5-foot-8. That was the London price. That's where we got the phrase "three sheets to the wind" meaning "drunk." If true, that would make it the oldest adhesive known so far. This was why men's show fashion all over Europe near the end of the 15th century dictated square-tipped duck's beak shoes. But the "toad" comes from the German "tod" meaning "death.". No? In the 14th century, believers thought mild-mannered people who chewed catnip would become violent. That's possible out there. Neither their tunics, the underwear, or their togas, the outerwear, had pockets. Adolf Hitler took up this policy. I'm also struck by the similarity to the Egyptian concept relative to the ‘lightness’ of ones heart and judgment - plus reminded of the Abigail dream symbol and that I usually address her by the diminutive Ab’, which now seems more meaningful? We collected the most famous paintings, sculptures, busts, and statues of historical figures, and now we're bringing those faces to life. And what can you mold out of honey? They were neither Egyptian nor Romanian. Biblical scholars say Solomon's coronation chariot was pulled by a mule. To make themselves look taller? She wasn't much for water. Relatively late in human history, that. Fishermen along India's Ganges for centuries have bred otters to chase fish into nets. Feet. A: "With manu" — the wife belonged to her husband, and he could hurt her, sell her, or kill her. A: In what's now Hungary. Velvet. Seneca wrote, "...Distinguished ladies count their the number of their husbands.". A: From the name Venus, goddess of love. If you know a "Debbie," however spelled, short for "Deborah," however spelled, ask her what her name means in both Greek and Hebrew. It came from the notable Norman invader William de Percy. The shores and delta of the Nile River represent only four percent of Egypt's land, but they hold 99 percent of its population. See more. Start studying Combo with "All my sets" and 6 others. "Kissing" in ancient Rome was of three kinds: "basium" between acquaintances, "osculum" between close friends, and "suavium" between lovers. Tigers. The ancient Greeks thought lettuce induced sleep. Certain scholars now, however, claim it was a mistake. The name may have been an Anglicisation of the biblical, We have the last living member of the Perseid family... all mixed up with Abraham and, Old Norse Ásta, medieval diminutive of Ástríðr, sometimes also used as a pet form of Augusta or, Courtly Love is the raison d'être for the couple of polar beings: for the Knight and the Lady of his Dreams. A: Wales, almost. Scalping has been common among combatants of different races. Everybody could get into wine, and did. Ancient Egyptian farmers feared five crop destroyers: locusts, worms, mice, sparrows and hippopotamuses. A: Largest group, Bolivia. It's thought to be too sensual. If you believe in the sanctity of all life, you just about have to believe in reincarnation. Q: Has anybody ever routinely ridden moose? Q: Where'd our words "hocus pocus" come from? Theory was battering rams would be less able to crash such buttresses than to punch down angular corners. Genius Relay: Same year Galileo died, Newton was born. Scholars examined mummies found in the Chilean Desert. "brightness, glow, joy, radiance; splendour, glory, fame") is sometimes mistakenly equated with, According to the common interpretation, the term, Caesar became the first Roman general to cross both the, A: A man draws his energy for battle from his ", ...the Saint George's Cross was shown in the hoist of the Royal Standards of the, The country remained Anglia in Latin. What the scientific detectives thought significant was the females' fractures mostly were in face and forearm. She was reputed to be the first woman in Europe to use tobacco in any form. What else? In some but not all European places during the Middle Ages, it was required of midwives to extract and baptize any child whose mother died in childbirth. But the troops liked it. To taste beer abrewing without first skimming it. The Queen's good cooks, like many good cooks, don't always get the credit. Only 2.5 percent of Italy's population could speak Italian when that complex of mixed identities was unified into a nation in 1861. Paris Opera Director Jean Baptiste Lully stabbed himself in the foot with his long baton that year. The full body wash was only appropriate for stable shovelers and their ilk. In that sport, they originated the terms "first string" and "second string.". Early Romans made napkins of asbestos and laundered them in fire. It was Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, who suggested a woman with a small bustline could enlarge it by singing, loudly and often. Perhaps your subconsciousness is telling you that you should learn Greek. "Tortugas" for the "turtles" all over them. You recall those Sumerians, certainly. Even the ancient Egyptians raised such. Four out of five species of rose come from Asia. Q: What sort of design was on the first coins ever minted? The word is "glamour. His name on documents was written by scribes. It changed from DCCCCLXXXXIX to M. Historically in the marble quarries of Italy's Carrara, some man got hurt every day, another killed every month.

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