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If possible, I might recommend contacting your licensing department in Australia, fibbing to them that you lost your license, and asking if you might be able to get a duplicate BEFORE starting the process in Portugal. das Forças Armadas 40 (Alvalade) You are required to produce your national driver's licence (original and photocopy), your identity card or your passport, as well as the Modelo 13 IMT form. Where. c) A medical certificate. R: Yes. There are two offices that I know of in Lisbon: Av. More information at Applying for a Licence Basic driving practice can begin at 16 years of age (or 14 years of age for category AM) if certain criteria are met. As the name implies, it is the papers you get from the transportation company you hired to bring your car to Portugal. If you decide to continue to drive in Portugal on a licence which was issued to you by another EU member state, you must register it with the IMT – Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes (equivalent to DVLA) – within 60 days of arrival. Transportation guide. aqui. It is necessary for all the license’s categories. You have to turn in your license to IMT because, supposedly, you are not supposed to have two licenses. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, IMT suspended driving lessons (theoretical and practical), extended the dates for periodic inspections, and closed the inspection centres. 6. When I exchange my UK licence for a Portuguese licence will I be able to drive in all EU Member States? To Access IMT Admissions Portal: All communications with applicants shall be done using valid and personal Email id provided by the applicant.Applicants are also requested to log on to the ‘IMT Admissions Portal’ regularly for updates.. Then, in Portugal, you will have to fill an online form of importation ... IMT Form Model 9 – Import a car to Portugal. If you choose to continue to use your UK driving licence in Portugal, you must inform IMT – Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes, I.P. IMT ONLINE. Guidelines. It is important to be familiar with all road regulations before driving in Portugal, however here is a general introduction: In Portugal, drive on the right side of the road 3 As foreseen on IMT fee table approved by ministerial order 1165/2010 of … Driving licences are valid until 30, 40, 50, 60, 65 and 70 and thereafter every two years, with no age limit (exception: when the driving licence was obtained between the age of 25 and 30, these drivers are exempt from revalidating their driving licence at the age of 30) for categories A and B. More information about IMT services, please check the COVID-19: IMT - … If you are the holder of a Portuguese driving licence, you will be able to drive in all other EU Member States. How to transfer your US license to a Portuguese one. a) A valid and definitive driving license. b) A civil identification document (any identification document issued by the Portuguese State, except the passport). The Car Club of Portugal website (Automóvel Club de Portugal) has information on vehicle types, driver age limits and licence classification (in Portuguese). Registe os pedidos. You need to go to your local IMT (Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes) office. O Futuro da Mobilidade +rápido +confortável +económico. This includes the requirements to renew the driving licence at certain ages. (equivalent to DVLA) – at the very latest within 30 days of obtaining your residence certificate. Drivers who hold a licence issued by another EU or EEA country and who are resident in Portugal are obliged to register with their regional or district Department of Motor Vehicles (IMTT) office within 60 days of establishing residency. The medical certificate is electronic, issued and sent online by the doctor to IMT. e beneficie sempre do desconto de 10% na taxa a pagar Driving licence validity in Portugal.

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