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Capture the largest market share and be the No.1 ethnic fast food chain and to make Goli a household name with an impeccable customer service. –  50 pcs can be fried in flat 6 minutes. The chain started operations in early 2004 with a single ‘Quick service restaurant’. A decent sized shop of Goli Vada Pav requires minimum four staff members to function efficiently. Top Franchise Opportunities – 2020. ft. and 15 ft. long frontage in a busy market area or near colleges, business, residential catchments and railway stations. It's authorized share capital is INR 10.50 cr and the total paid-up capital is INR 4.87 cr. The main USP of Goli Vada Pav is offering a wide variety of vada pavs at affordable prices. Encourage spirit of entrepreneurship among ordinary people to deliver extraordinary results. The average cost for two people visiting Goli Vada Pav is ₹150 which is very inexpensive and affordable. [ps2id id=’section-1′ target=”/]Popular Goli Vada Pav Franchise,Cost,Profit – Apply Online 2020 Goli Vada Pav Franchise opening guide – franchise rate,contact number and process. This is a price list of one of the goli vadapav frenchise. –  Less oily fried snacks Goli Vada Pav was a chain started by Venkatesh Iyer and Shrivadas Menon was one of the major shareholders of the company.This food chain was first setup in 2004 in Kalyan and now has it outlets spread all over India from North to South and East to West.The company has something for everyone and will never leave your tastebuds unsatisfied and you’ll droll over every bite of your food. Even though it opened only 15 years back but the brand has lived upto the expectations of the people serving good quality food. A unique concept for the all time accepted popular Indian ethnic food Vada Pavs, Bhajya, Patties, Momos etc. I am from Aurangabad and iam interested in franchisee so pls give your cont details, I want franchisee my contact number is 9140161186, Hi, I am interested in Goli Vada Pav franchise at a good customer base location. The first outlet was set up in Kalyan, a suburban locality in Mumbai. Learn how to start and grow your first franchise business In India successfully. They decided on vada pav while he saw a banner of McDonalds realising the similarities between a vada pav and burger making both of them finger food which one can have on the go even in an auto rickshaw. This is a startup of VADA PAV, yes a business … ft. and 15 feet long frontage. In this budget, you will get the interior, decoration, kitchen equipment, and related stuff. Ltd. is running a QSR by the trade name Goli Vada Pav (hereinafter referred to as “Goli”). Network with the growing Business Community to get expert interventions to let you learn to Grow & Expand your Business with Franchising. The expected price for this business is INR 12 lakhs. Key responsibilities: Business strategies & shaping the vision of brand Goli, 15 years of experience in corporate finance You can Contact me on 9082483182. The main strategy of Goli Vada Pav is to outsource as much as possible. Vikhroli (W),Mumbai - 400 079 I have a rented shop size 10*12 feet on Ayodhya Road, Faizabad with a large front space near about 15*10 feet. But one fine day, he decided to change his course and create what was then called a very creative food revolution! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Power and water connection, high traffic areas like railway stations, market area, business, college and residential catchments. I would like to open a franchise in Mumbai. Its turnover rose from Rs 3 million in its first year of operation to Rs 150 million last year and is planning a more than tenfold jump in turnover to Rs 1.8 billion with its … But first, let’s see how Goli Vada Pav started. Their products are prepared HACCP hand free frozen plant which is fully automated. The varieties of Goli Vada Pav includes Classic Vadapav, Mix Veg […] Their vada pavs are very affordable ranging from ₹15 to ₹60 which means finger licking food without burning a hole in your pocket.So for all the Vada Pav fans out there who don’t want to spend a lot but still have delicious food, heading to the Goli Vada Pav outlet is your safest bet. Key responsibilities: Funds, retail operations and supply chain management. They have a wide range of Vada Pavs which is very hard to fine for a staple fast food like this. – All time favourite and convenient fast food. Access to prime commercial property measuring 350 sq. Bhaginath Nikam from Kannad is Very Happy! Powai Vikhroli Link Road,Park Site, Wowvadapav is vada pav franchise which is one of the famous veg fast food chain and is a low investment franchise and available on www.wowvadapav.in. They not only serve lip smacking vada pavs but also rolls,cheese corn pops,dessert,fries and everyone’s all time favourite pav bhaji. They soon realised the amount of competition that the chain will face in Mumbai itself so expanding and taking vada pavs to cities outside Mumbai would be a smart idea. Food business in now India’s most growing industry.It generates huge profit every by serving millions of people.There are some many premium brand that … Please remember we just add one franchise of each company and not individual outlets. He’s a visionary par excellence who sees things beyond the obvious and it is this attitude that made his dream turn into reality! There is an appetite for food businesses. Goli Vada Pav to open 50 new outlets in the Finger Food Goli Vada Pav has come up with a Goli Academy who train dropouts and 10th pass students the method of making the famous Mumbai’s Vada Pav, store management, franchise management, customer service and experience. The franchise transfer fee of Goli Vada Pav is ₹37,500. ... How To Get Goli Vada Pav Franchise,Investment,Profit – 2020. I m interested in goli vada pav franchises, I am interested to open outlet in phaphamau Allahabad.my contact no.-8700766227, I want to take goli vada pav frenchis please suggest me, I want this franchise Pl contact on7972992240, Hi I need a franchisee of goli vada pav pls contact me on ph no 9818900636, Please call me 9687578118 this no I am interested in goli vada Pav franchise, I want your goli vara pav frenehis.plz concert me at 9546095329, I, am interested for Goli Vada Pav Franchise, please do contact me in this no 9819217624. Nurture a mutually beneficial relationship with the Stake Holders, Partners and Investors and to become the most profitable venture for them. From the first Goli store in early 2004 in the suburbs of Mumbai, to 275 stores across 51 cities and 14 states, Goli Vada Pav has carved a niche for itself. Jumboking is the India's first and largest selling chain of Vadapav. To own a Goli Vada Pav franchise you need to own or rent at least 350 sq . At this point, Venkatesh Iyer received an offer from an acquaintance to set up an outlet in the city of Nashikin Maharashtra. Output Here the photo of goli vada pav menu is given. Goli Vada pav franchise in India is bringing up the authentic taste of India over the foreign food we have indulged in. Goli Vada Pav is one of the most famous fast food brand at very affordable prices. If you’re living in Maharashtra and you haven’t heard of Goli Vada Pav you’re definitely living under a rock. Venkatesh Iyer is the founder of Goli Vada Pav. You also need to have proper power and water connection.The only disadvantage is that they have good and bad franchises so getting the right location is extremely critical and can be a game changer and you have to spend lakhs to maintain the standards of the company.The company sells around 75,000-1,00,000 vada pavs in a day and is a well established, reliable and well known fast food brand of Indian ethnicity and has got the  Golden Spoon Award from Coca Cola for the most admired food chain of Indian origin. I m interested in golivada pav franchise. This is just the beginning, there’s still more to come. “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost”! The company was started with an investment of ₹40 lakhs and raised upto ₹1 crore. –  Potato, wheat and spices Recently, they have also come up with an app of their own in Bengaluru and will soon be launched in Mumbai and Gurgaon. Boring job ko maar Goli, and gear up for something exciting! If you think you can gather enough Goli Gyan, then chal bidoo join the GolI Gang! The biggest advantage of opening up a vada pav stall was that it would not require a lot of capital investment and with the soaring high prices of real estate in Mumbai,vada pav was a win-win for him.Their first outlet was in Kalyan followed by the second outlet in Nashik and slowly taking vada pav outside Mumbai to other states and cities.Ofcourse, the ride wasn’t easy for them and they faced a lot of problems but they eventually found their way out overcoming all of them. Are You Struggling to find the Best Franchise Brand in India? The last reported AGM (Annual General Meeting) of Goli Vada Pav Private Limited, per our records, was held on 23 November, 2019. Unique same taste of food at all the WOW outlets. what should I do for it. Maharashtra, INDIA, E-mail : franchisee@golivadapav.comwww.facebook.com/GoliVadaPav@GoliVadapav. Hotline: 1800 102 2007. You can have it anywhere while you’re on the go. Please tell me about conditions and investment for starting franchise for goli vada pav. Franchise India provides franchise opportunities, business opportunities, business ideas,best business in India and buy Franchise in India with affordable range. Goli Vada Pav sells around 75,000-1,00,000 vada pavs everyday which makes it a popular brand for having vada pavs at lower prices. Their products also have a shelf life of around 9 months. Currently their revenue is ₹55 crore and is planning to increase rapidly to ₹350 crore with the opening of 1000 outlets across the country leading to high profits to the chain. Standard Tasty Food The journey obviously wasn’t easy for them as in 2008 during the time of global financial crises five potential investors withdrew leading to the collapse of this food chain. 10-12 lacs and you should have a prime commercial properly measuring 350 sq. Lunched in 2004, Goli Vada Pav repackaged ‘Vada Pav’, a humble street-food popular in Mumbai, into a branded fast food concept. Goli Vada Pav Pvt. Your email address will not be published. The franchise of goli vada pav is providing services in famous and popular cities of india like mumbai, kota, chennai, gurgaon, surat, vadodara, ahmedabad, vapi, lucknow, nagpur, noida, bengaluru, pune, delhi and 76 other. What’s so special about Goli Vada Pav that gets everyone going? I, am also interested for Goli Vada Pav Franchise , please do suggest. ethnic fast food chain conglomerate in India  by retaining the original Indian taste, processing it with highest hygiene standards in food quality . Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) seems to generate guaranteed returns, and Goli Vada Pav is an excellent example … The standard franchise offers limited service, it is between 5 lakh to 10 lakh. –  Economic Pricing, A 107–108 ,Kailash Industrial Complex, Mouth Watering and Hygienic food items. A profitable and successfully running Goli vada pav franchise is looking for sale in Bangalore. 1) Goli Vada Pav Pvt. Goli Vada Pav began its initial business in Mumbai as a Quick Service Restaurant.Kalyan is the place, where the first outlet was built … Franchise Terms And Conditions It was indeed a crazy, crazy idea that Venkatesh Iyer and Shivadas Menon embarked upon! To open a franchise outlet of Goli Vada Pav one has to invest around 10-12 lakhs. Vada Pav is combination of two components - Vada (the potato) Dutch and Pav from Portugal. This chain has been winning a number of hearts since 2004 with a wide range of vada pavs at a very affordable price. My Contact no is 9819217624. GOLI V/S JUMBOKING-COMPARISONS Started in 2004 Started in 2001 224 Outle ts 53 Outlet s States Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, MP, Chattisgarh, UP, AP, Delhi, NCR, Gujarath States Maharashtra, Karnataka, MP, Chattisgarh, Delhi, Gujarath FY 13 Revenue 25 Crores FY 13 Revenue 17 Crores Profitable Goli Vada Pav Franchise Outlet for Sale at Whitefield, Bangalore Food for the Masses In the age of Zomato and Swiggy where almost everyone prefers ordering online the app has been a benefit in expanding their sales. Hi there, I am really impressed with Goli Vadapav. Goli Vada Pav keeps in check their supply chains. The chain opened in 2004 with quickly expanding and opening up various outlets.Currently there are 300 outlets spread across 100 cities and 20 states. During the Shravan month, most Maharashtrians observe fasting and they eat a lot of sabudana vada. Goli Vada Pav Menu. ft of property with minimum 15 ft front area in a market area with high traffic. In the coming lines, I will provide you with the Goli Vada Pav menu prices, contact information, franchise details, nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Goli Vada Pav Menu. Goli Vada Pav has around 16 outlets in Mumbai  alone. Retain the original Indian taste and process it with 100% hygiene standards. Read on to discover more about It also has various outlets in Gorakhpur in North to Calicut in South and from Porbandar in West to Kolkata in the East, it has it’s presence in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi,Chandigarh(U.T), Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Odisha.It is looking to expand its base and open 350 outlets all around the country since it has it’s presence in almost the entire country. They believed that the humble Vada Pav could stand tall among the burgers and pizzas of the world. You also need to have the essentials like running water and electricity supply and must be situated near colleges, business areas and residential areas. If you have a budget of around 8Lac to 10 lac you can move for this franchise business. Hi I m interested in Ur franchise. Starting a Franchise In India. Goli Vada Pav Fast Food/ Quick Service Restaurant . But its purely desi from #AmchiMumbai. The Chain's Main Offering Is The Vada Pav, A Staple Mumbai Street Food. Check this link to get quick help. –  No plates, spoons, tables & chairs Not only vada pavs they also have rolls, desserts and fries at very pocket friendly prices. Goli Vada Pav Articles - To get access to over 10000+ Franchise Business Opportunities. With over 15 yrs of work exp in the financial services, he has been instrumental in helping entrepreneurs translate ideas into business in the Modern Retail, Fashion & Computer education space. Since 2004, Goli Vada pav has been the one who has almost replaced the name of vada pav with its own. This article is about the commendable story behind the success of Goli Vadapav and its co-founders. We assure that you will not be disappointed. Name: Goli Vada Pav Established on: 2004 Location: Mumbai Founders: Venkatesh Iyer and Shivadas Menon The story behind the achievement of Goli Vada Pav:. The Corporate Identification Number (CIN) of Goli Vada Pav Private Limited is U15130MH2003PTC143785. How Much Does A Goli Vada Pav Franchise Cost In India? We do Indepth research and investigation, so you can focus on the business. Starting with just 175 employees and now they have outlets across the country. Now they sell 75,000-1,00,000 vada pav’s a day proving that something as small as a vada pav stall can help you achieve your dreams. Originally,the first outlet of Goli Vada Pav required an initial investment of ₹40 lakhs. Required fields are marked *. Nation wide accepted ingredients used, Spices, Wheat flour & more. Goli Vada Pav Franchise Goli Vada Pav is an Indian ethnic fast food restaurant which was originated from Mumbai, Maharastra. Investment. –  Eat on the go There are 250 Goli outlets across India. 9423105260 and 7293931717, Muje franchise Chahiye to kiya karna hoga, Hello am Amitabh Roy from Jharkhand.I want ur Goli Vara pav franchise.My Mob no 7717762902 nd 9546095329, I want to your franchise in dombivali or thakurli. Soo… Fast moving food requires very less time to serve. Universal Appeal Franchise Insights; News; ... goli vada pav. I want to open a franchise this is my number 8892706757, Dear sir/madam Good Day. Vada Pao Presentation 1. Goli Vada Pav was founded by Venkatesh Iyer. Goli vada pav Franchise cost/price in india. The company raised ₹21 crores from venture fund VenturEast in 2011. From the first Goli store in early 2004 in the suburbs of Mumbai, to 275 stores across 51 cities and 14 states, Goli Vada Pav has carved a niche for itself. Another strategy which helped them to rise to fame was operating through 350 milk kiosks owned by the state which helped them spread the word about this chain. Regards, Your email address will not be published. Why you choose WOW Vada Pav . Originally,the first outlet of Goli Vada Pav required an initial investment of ₹40 lakhs. The franchise transfer fee of Goli Vada Pav is ₹37,500. To be the No1. There is an option for everyone to satisfy their taste buds.From Schezwan Vada Pav to Cheese Vada Pav,Paneer Vada Pav to the Classic Vada Pav you name it and they have it all.For all those fasting days they also have Sabudana Vada Pav. In this video, we have discussed about goli vadapav, a startup that becomes a business of 350 CRORE. Home About Us Products Franchising Gallery Careers Virtual Tour Contact Us. Goli Vada Pav Franchise Cost To open a franchise outlet of Goli Vada Pav, you have to invest between about Rs. Offering every Indian a delicious power-up on the go. He also reached out to an engineering college in Mumbai who helped them in installing automated fryer machines. Saturday 12th of January 2019 01:54:21 PM. Vada Pav has been the most beloved food on the streets of Maharashtra for as long as one can remember. The Franchise Retail Chain Store Has Now Grown To A ₹ 15 Crore Business Which Plans To Make A Multi-Fold Jump To ₹ 180 Crore With The Opening Of 500 Outlets Pan-India. The road was uphill and steep, but the passion to follow through and the will to work incessantly turned the impossible into an absolute reality. I want interst to get franchisee of goli vada pav, Hi i need a franchise of goli vada pao Please contact me on 9415247624, May I please have phone no of the contact person for franchise, Hi I need a franchisee of goli vada pav pls contact me on ph no . Have a PAN INDIA presence, reaching out to even the Tier III and Tier IV cities. Listing Name* –  365 days a year, products taste ‘YUMMY’ across locations Coco Cola has given Goli Vada Pav the “Golden Spoon Award” for the most loved food chain which originated in India. A large-scale expansion of the outlets had to be abandoned due to the limited popularity of the franchise in Mumbai. From finance to food, from numerary to cookery, what a plunge! VADA PAV ADVENTURES 2. What is the basic investment required for Wow momo franchise? They wanted to make ‘Vada Pav’ the talk of the nation. To open a franchise outlet of Goli Vada Pav one has to invest around 10-12 lakhs. If you cannot find your franchise then please submit the form. This is Gunasekaran Indian national living and working in Kingdom of Bahrain since 18 years .I want to start here vadapav business with Goli franchise so kindly send me your All your details . Out of the 500 new outlets, 40 will be opened in Chennai and 20 in Bangalore in the next two years. Goli Vada Pav contains 300 stores across 20 states in India. Mobile Food His ultimate dream has been of “Corporatization” of the humble Vada Pav and to see Vada Pav as a brand amongst the Pizzas & Burgers of the world. Mr.Venkatesh also approached his friend who also happened to be CEO of Vista Processed Food who provided them with frozen patties with a longer shelf life. Ltd, a chain of fast food offering vada pav is looking for expansion in south India. Goli Vada Pav Is An Indian Ethnic Snack Chain Headquartered In Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The actual investment depends on city wise and type of franchise your opting. They also have healthier options for all the health conscious people out there.Their unique selling proposition is that they have taken vada pav out of Mumbai to other states and serve lip smacking vada pav at a very affordable and pocket friendly price with a wide range of flavours to choose from.The minimum requirement for opening their franchise is an investment of 10-20 lakh with a prime commercial property of 35 sq. Goli Vada Pav's franchise outlets have grown from 10 in 2004 to nearly 100 this month. There will also be Delivery of food to customers who desire to avail of the service by the name Goli Delivery Services(hereinafter referred to as GDS). Vada pav Franchise Contact. Hygienic It follows franchise business model and today is uniquely positioned in Indian QSR segment. Terms & Conditions. This academy aims at empowering the street vendors and the youth.It also conducts training programme for its employees for learning and development for restaurant operations, sales, customer service, hygiene, team work and motivation. With more events, parties, corporate and bulk orders happening, Goli invites you to set up your own Goli Franchise, so you can earn quick bucks! Expansion. The Goli Vada Pav franchise is also a popular name amongst the people of Mumbai as you can get many varieties of vada pav from this outlet. Goli welcomes you to start a Goliful career. Goli vada pav is a chain started by Venkatesh Iyer and Shrivadas Menon. In 1971, Ashok Vaidya's vada pav thela, stationed just outside the Dadar station was the first vada pav vendor in Mumbai (then Bombay). The road was uphill and steep, but the passion to follow through and the will to work incessantly turned the impossible into an absolute reality. The only dilemma they faced was choosing whether to open up a South Indian food stall or the classic Mumbai’s staple vada Pav. This also helped them in minimising their real estate funds making their functioning very low cost and affordable with higher profits. In 2015 their revenue was ₹55 crores with around 150-200 employees in 2016.Their goal is to establish 350 outlets and increase the profit to ₹350 crores. Goli Vada Pav eyes opening 5,000 stores in the next five years, the largest expansion ever for a fast food chain in the country. Soon they started to outsource their services with fee paying franchises who were attracted by their low capital investment, land and labour. The company plans to launch 500 outlets pan India in the next five years via franchising. Pls contact me at 9902128833, I, am interested for Goli Vada Pav Franchise, please do contact me in this no 9916202002. interested, please let me know to whom I should contact to open in Bangalore. Goli Vada Pav Franchise – Cost,Investment,Profit,Online Application & Contact Number. Sabudana vada played an important role when Goli went into interior Maharashtra some 5-6 years back. It was founded by Venkatesh Iyer and Shivadas Menon in the year 2004. 20 years of experience in corporate consultancy, franchising chain and retail chain models

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