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Customer acknowledges that delays or inaccuracies in such data or information could result in fines, fees, loss of GDS access and other penalties, missed bid opportunities or rejected bid submissions, all of which will be the sole and complete responsibility of Customer. Privacy and Compliance. The web project manager will transition the website to the TravelClick Web Support Team (international) or Customer Care Team (US) a few days after the website goes live. Customer will provide or cause each Property to provide all necessary information and content, on a timely basis, required for building of initial Channel Management system database and the user interface for Channel Management Services, including but not limited to hotel information, room types, descriptions, user name/password for third party distribution channels, quality photographs, logos, etc. Customer understands that (i) TravelClick or its licensor will charge the Commission directly to the guest’s credit card as a service fee which will be placed as a hold or charged at the time of booking, and (ii) if the guest adjusts their itinerary the Commission amount will be adjusted commensurately. Section 3: Term and Termination. 6.2 E-mail Marketing 6.2.1. Custom Pro does not include custom development work to create new functional elements. Customer must also ensure all accommodations for crew members are covered during scouting and filming. This Agreement is Confidential Information. Thompsonville Michigan TravelClick hotels, motels and lodging: check rates and availability, reserve online with special rates. So that TravelClick can continue this mutually beneficial practice, Customer grants TravelClick a license to use aggregated data and information collected from the Customer through the Services but not to use any personally identifiable information. Together with the hotel, TravelClick will also monitor the following performance indicators: For use on the Sites, TravelClick develops, maintains and integrates a video player allowing users to share the Videos on Facebook social network. Voice Pro. The “End of Filming Date” is the date of the last day of filming of the TravelClick Video Services and as per the written notice provided by TravelClick. Each Third-Party Distribution Partner and TravelClick, respectively and separately, may add or drop OTAs and other room inventory distributor vendors (“Distribution Vendors”) at each party’s sole discretion. The proposal will be built incrementally through the above successive Rounds of Revision. Tip: … There is a minimum monthly fee for Services related to iHotelier (the “Minimum Fee”) per Property, which applies as of the first full month following the Go Live date. Customer agrees that such modified terms will automatically be incorporated in the Addendum by reference. This section only applies if Customer is purchasing remarketing services. If there are no restaurants on property, hotels can choose an external provider and provide each crew member with a reasonable stipend. Digital Supply Chain Communication (DISCOVERY) In den Einkaufsbedingungen der einzelnen Marken der Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft finden Sie alle relevanten Informationen für die Zusammenarbeit. Sehr vereinfacht kann man sich einen Block als Excel-Tabelle vorstellen. Customer acknowledges and agrees that under no circumstances will TravelClick be liable, in any way, for any of Customer’s acts or omissions or those of any third party, including damages of any kind, related to or incurred as a result Customer’s management of its WebBuilder Website or its WebBuilder account security. TravelClick - Columbus, OH. iHotelier Fees. About. Because of performance degradation and information security risks, Customer may not (and may not have a third party do so on its behalf) perform manual or automated penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, scans or similar computer system tests of any nature on TravelClick’s systems without prior written approval of TravelClick. Customer, its agency, or any third-party may not use TravelClick’s name, trademarks, trade names, service marks, or other proprietary identifying symbols, or issue any press release or public statement relating to this Agreement or TravelClick, without the prior written consent of an authorized representative of TravelClick. ändern, wenn man es im Einsatz hat. All other terms and conditions of the Agreement continue in full force and effect, as amended in the Addendum. Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time by giving 30 days’ written notice but, in order to receive the Website Content (defined below), Customer must pay the difference between 24 months of the Fees specified in Exhibit A and what they have paid to that point, and, if applicable, any True-Up Amount (defined below) (the “Termination Fee”). Customer is solely liable and responsible for all claims by or issues arising out of dealings with Users and all User transactions via, or Users’ uses of, the iHotelier system, including: (i) establishing all prices for hotel guests; (ii) accepting, processing and fulfilling orders for hotel guests; (iii) collecting payment, including all taxes or other charges due, for transactions; (iv) managing exchanges, returns, and cancellations; (v) ensuring that the sale of all guest reservations is made in conformance with all applicable laws; (vi) determining all customer service, warranty and/or operational policies; (vii) satisfying all commitments or obligations resulting from each completed registration; and (viii) ensuring that each registration, and the information collected in processing each registration, is acquired and used in conformance with all applicable laws and regulations including privacy and data security. Code examples. The extension simplifies how you create, build and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum ledgers. Customer will pay $150 per hour for any additional edit requests beyond the two rounds of feedback. 8.3. Validation of data elements; 3.4. Subject to the number of Rounds of Revisions specified above, TravelClick will incorporate any requested revisions from Customer in a Round of Revision to produce another version of the website design. Any use of the Services by Customer constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions and/or any posted updates, modifications, or additions to these terms and conditions. All unpaid advertising fees shall accrue interest at the rate of 1.5% per month until paid, or the legal maximum, whichever is less. Remarketing Services. Customer will need to provide Guest Data to TravelClick via automated daily downloads if applicable. To the extent that the TC Videos and Mini Videos are not owned by TravelClick, Customer hereby assigns all of its right, title, and interest in the TC Videos and Mini Videos to TravelClick. For those who want to be captivated by the timeless atmosphere of Venice in the comfort of 4-star service. Customer must pay for all crew and material transportation costs. Customer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless TripAdvisor, TravelClick and each of TripAdvisor’s and TravelClick’s agents, customers, subcontractors and affiliates, and the officers, directors, and employees of any of the foregoing, from, against and in respect of any and all losses, costs, (including reasonable attorney’s fees) expenses, damages, assessments, or judgments (collectively, “Liabilities”), resulting from any claim against any such parties in connection with Customer’s advertisement, except to the extent that such claims directly resulted from the gross negligence or willful misconduct of TripAdvisor or TravelClick. For the avoidance of doubt, any reference to compliance with Data Protection Legislation by a party shall mean compliance with such Data Protection Legislation as, and insofar as, they apply to such party. To the extent the third-party terms and conditions conflict with any provision in the General Terms & Conditions, the third party terms and conditions govern your access to and use of the third party service and your relationship with such third party provider. NewBook Password. Notwithstanding the above Term section, Customer may terminate the Order Form and Agreement at any time after the first anniversary of the End of Filming Date by giving 90 days’ written notice to TravelClick . Customer agrees to deduct the Commission prior to charging the guest for the remainder of the hotel portion of the booking. Gain access to everything you need to make your hotel successful and maximize your revenue with TravelClick’s innovative, cloud-based and data-driven software solutions. “Assets” means any photos, images, video clips, videos, music, logos, titles, slogans or other content provided by Customer or its affiliates, agents, employees or contractors. Because TravelClick hotels are independent, they each have unique names which do not include TravelClick in the name, however your TMC can easily find them by searching the TC master chain code. Except as otherwise provided in Sections 2, 3 and 4 of these, TripAdvisor Media Group Internet Advertising Insertion Order Terms and Conditions (referred to as the “Agreement”, “IO”, or “Terms & Conditions”), TripAdvisor shall display the advertisement(s) beginning on the Contract Effective Date and ending on the Contract End Date (the “Initial Term”). … Section 9: Limitation of Liability. “Bookings” means a reservation for a hotel room for the Customer entered into or recorded in the iHotelier system as of the checkout date stated in the reservation. All iHotelier Services ​Consortia ​VoicePro ​Channel Management ​iTrak ​Demand Services ​Air + Hotel Booking Engine Expedia Quick Connect Third Party Distribution Partners, Digital Agency Services and Media Advertising, Custom Pro​ Custom Premium​ Custom Premium Responsive Web Design​ Pro Responsive Web Design​ WebBuilder Websites​ TravelClick Web Solutions Maintenance and Enhancements Description of Services Additional Details Roles and Responsibilities, Demand360 and Agency360 Rate360 Shopping ​Click to Call Services Guest Management Solutions & Digital Alchemy Services, Amadeus Instant Preference – Chinese Amadeus Instant Preference – English Amadeus Instant Preference – Russian Apple Third Party Terms DerbySoft Agreement Facebook Ad Terms Facebook Limited Data Use Terms Google Ads Terms IBS Terms and Conditions Ice Portal Terms and Conditions Kayak LinkedIn Ads Terms Microsoft Bing Ads Agreement Ogone General Conditions Payment Processing Terms Pinterest Advertising Services Agreement Sabre Hotel Spotlight Sabre Hotel Weekend Spotlight Sabre Rewards Plus Secure Privacy Service Travel Agent (GDS) Media (Sabre Promospots, Amadeus Instant Message, Travelport Headlines and Accents) Travelport Featured Property TripAdvisor Check Rates TripAdvisor Instant Booking Connectivity Agreement TripConnect Instant Booking TripConnect Instant Booking Addendum Trivago VFML Hotel Agreement Weebly Yandex Terms of Use, TravelClick Data Processing Agreement (EU & UK Customer) TravelClick Data Processing Agreement (non-EU or UK Customer). TravelClick grants Customer a limited, non-exclusive, revocable license to use the TC Web System during the Term. Scouting a specific music or composing an original music is not included in the Monthly Fee and will be priced separately. Notwithstanding Section 3 of the General Terms & Conditions, Customer may terminate the VoicePro services at any time by giving 90 days’ written notice to TravelClick (the “Termination Right”). 6. TravelClick routinely seeks input from its customers and asks its customers questions about how to improve TravelClick’s services and products. Customer understands that, at times, TravelClick’s support services with respect to trip arrangements, may include addressing questions and taking action related to the hotel portion of the booking. 3. Fees will increase by 5% each year of the Term after the one-year anniversary of the Effective Date. This section only applies if Customer is purchasing VoicePro services. Arrive, check in and make yourself comfortable. This one-time set up does not include any custom segments, goals, events, or filters. Deliverable completion is blocking to the continuation of the project and will cause a timeline extension if delayed. Ein EAN-Code besteht am Anfang aus dem Präfix 400 bis 440 für Deutschland. Additional Rounds of Revisions beyond the standard number will be charged at TravelClick’s then-standard hourly rates and will extend the project’s timeline. All billing calculations are based solely on the ad impression or quick count metrics as calculated by TripAdvisor (including, but not limited to CPM and CPC), not Customer or third party calculations, unless otherwise agreed to in writing in the TripAdvisor IO or Schedule Detail page. Customer is responsible for the management and upkeep of all content and images on their TravelClick WebBuilder Website and Customer understands that Customer has full access to and ability to add or remove valuable content, features, and functionalities within its WebBuilder Website, including the ability to alter widgets such as the booking mask, which could result in the loss of direct bookings through its WebBuilder Website. Customer confirms it has entered into a written agreement with all applicable third-party vendors prior requesting any integration between a third-party and the Services be made available to Customer and that such agreement remains in effect at all time when accessing or using any integration (“Vendor Integration Agreement”). Guest Management Solutions Implementation. The Initial Term of this Agreement begins on the Effective Date and expires 24 months following the date the Website(s) is launched. NewBook Code. Customer may pay for the Website Monthly Fees by increasing the fees for Bookings under its iHotelier Agreement (the “iH Payments”) for a period of two years from the launch date of the website but (i) Customer must execute an addendum to its iHotelier Agreement for the iH Payments; (ii) If the “Term” of the iHotelier Agreement has less than 2 years remaining as of the Effective Date of this Agreement, then the “Term” of the iHotelier Agreement is hereby extended so that it is at least 2 years in length from the Effective Date of this Agreement (the “iH Payment Term”); (iii) if at the end of the iH Payment Term the iH Payments are less than the Fees, Customer will pay the difference between the Fees and the iH Payments in one payment within 30 days of the date of the invoice (the “True Up Amount”); (iv) if Customer adds more Services during the Term, the True Up Amount will increase by the Fees for those additional Services; and (v) the iH Payments are in addition to the Minimum Fee. Chaincode Labs exists to support Bitcoin. IF EITHER PARTY TERMINATES ANY IO, CUSTOMER’S SOLE REMEDY WILL BE A REFUND OF ANY PRE-PAID FEES IN EXCESS OF THE FEES OWED TO TRIPADVISOR UNDER THE IO. The Initial Term and Renewal Terms collectively constitute the “Term.” A party may terminate this Agreement at any time during the Term, upon written notice to the other party, if that other party has materially breached the Agreement, and the breaching party has not cured the breach within 30 days following the date of the breach notice. Customer acknowledges sole responsibility for configuring rates and content and will act in good faith to ensure that these elements are properly configured following the date of implementation. There are a whole range of events in the game, which can result in positive, negative and mixed outcomes for a player's empire. Register your property with Leisure Group. If a facility mentioned in the Planning is not available during the filming, the sequence won’t be included in the videos. Third-Party Channel Management. During the Term, Customer grants TravelClick and providers used by TravelClick to deliver the Services the right to use the Customer’s trademarks, names and other content or information to the extent necessary to provide the Services (the “Content License”). Customer hereby covenants, represents and warrants (collectively, the “Access Representation”) that (i) anyone who accesses a Customer account has the right to access the Services on behalf of the hotel and/or brand and to view and utilize the products and services for that particular hotel and/or brand; (ii) Customer owns, manages or is a franchisor with the right to access or use the Services and to access and use the data derived from the Services on behalf of or for the Hotel(s); (iii) Customer is solely responsible for controlling access to the Services, including assigning an authorized administrator(s) who will grant and remove access to Customer’s employees; (iv) Customer shall not permit anyone other than Customer’s employees to access the Services without giving prior written notice to TravelClick and TravelClick may require, at its sole discretion, such third party enter into an agreement with TravelClick for such access; (v) Customer shall be solely liable for acts and omissions of any person accessing a Customer account other than an employee of TravelClick; and (vi) Customer must provide written notice to TravelClick any time there is a change in the brand, management company, ownership of a Hotel or Hotels under this Agreement and any change of an authorized administrator or any time that Customer should no longer have access to the Services or the data derived from the Services. is the most popular place to securely buy, store, and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top cryptocurrencies. In addition, Customer is responsible for maintaining the security of Customer’s account and for all activities or actions taken in Customer’s account in connection with the website. Define Master Chain Code. TravelClick and Customer represent and warrant that (i) each will use the Services only in accordance with all applicable laws, policies, rules regulations, agreements, including, antitrust, data protection, data privacy, anti-spam, franchise agreements, PCI DSS and competitive sets ( and TravelClick’s email marketing policies located here:; and (ii) each has the right to provide information, Personal Data, content or data to the other party and has complied with applicable laws in collecting Personal Data. The standard equipment used by TravelClick crew is a full HD camera (e.g., DSLR camera) together with the appropriate lens, a tripod and a slider. If after the 4-month anniversary of the Effective Date the amount of Fees for a calendar month is less than the VoicePro Monthly Minimum, then Customer will pay the VoicePro Monthly Minimum for that calendar month. Damit soll eine umfangreiche Transparenz innerhalb der verschiedenen tufen der Supply Chain gewährleistet werden. Notwithstanding Term section above, in the event that Customer chooses to Re-Shoot, their renewal period will be a minimum of 24 months. If you are doing open source blockchain development, the extension has built in integration for open source tools such as Truffle, Infura, and OpenZeppelin.An Azure subscription is optional. This can be remedied by … RMS Chain Code. Pokémon Platin Edition Action Replay Codes: Deutsche Action Replay Codes, Wild Pokemon Modifier Codes, Action Replay Codes, AR Codes (Eingeteilt)!, Deutsche Action Replay Codes. EXCEPT AS OTHERWISE STATED HEREIN, TRIPADVISOR MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR ANY WARRANTIES AS TO THE NUMBER OF VISITORS TO OR PAGES DISPLAYED ON THE TRIPADVISOR SITE OR THE FUNCTIONALITY, PERFORMANCE, OR RESPONSE TIMES OF THE TRIPADVISOR SITE. Bei Teil 1 und 2 spricht man auch von … Secondary languages are activated and added to the website when Customer completes translated content for the languages contracted. TripAdvisor reserves the right, without liability, to reject, remove and/or cancel any ads which contain content or links which do not meet TripAdvisor’s advertising specifications, at TripAdvisor’s sole discretion. Customer must complete a change requirements form anytime (i) there is a change to the website requested that is outside the scope of the website statement of work or is a material change, or (ii) there is any change requested after the last Round of Revision. IN NO EVENT SHALL TRIPADVISOR, TRAVELCLICK OR ANY OF THEIR AFFILIATES BE LIABLE TO CUSTOMER FOR AN AMOUNT IN EXCESS OF THE TOTAL DOLLAR AMOUNT ACTUALLY RECEIVED BY TRAVELCLICK FROM CUSTOMER FOR THE SPECIFIC AD AT ISSUE. A chain code is a lossless compression algorithm for monochrome images. Therefore, following TravelClick’s receipt of such payment in full, TravelClick assigns all of its right, title and interest in the Branded Video to the Customer. Add one Charm (pendant) for every Country, City, Island or Continent You've travelled to. Das Ziel ist es, jederzeit den genauen Ort der Sendung feststellen und abrufen zu können. Upon payment of the Termination Fee, TravelClick will (i) provide Customer a file comprising the HTML, CSS, Flash and JavaScript specific to those elements used in Customer’s website (the “Website Content”) and all Customer Content to Customer and (ii) grant a perpetual, royalty-free, revocable right and license to use the Website Content. Throughout the Term, Customer may access and use TravelClick’s webinars and other training available through TravelClick’s Learning Services portal. Notwithstanding any other provision of the Agreement, TravelClick may in its sole discretion modify the Fees for VoicePro Services under the Agreement upon 30 days’ written notice. Customer will pay all fees due to TravelClick in the billing currency (the “Currency”) indicated on the first page of the Addendum. Section 7: Confidential Information. Leverage advertising campaigns and preference products and optimize spend across all major GDSs. Customer represents and warrants (the “Login Representation”) that (i) Customer and/or the Property has the right to provide its user name/password to TravelClick for Third-Party Distribution Channels and (ii) TravelClick may on behalf of the Customer and/or the Property login to Customer’s and Property’s Third Party Distribution Channels with Customer’s and Property’s user name/password. Sign up Why GitHub? So that TravelClick can continue this mutually beneficial practice, Customer hereby grants to TravelClick a worldwide, fully paid-up, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to use any of Customer’s ideas, modifications, improvements or any other suggestions that directly relate to TravelClick’s products and services. For Customers based in the USA, the state and/or federal courts located in the County of New York, State of New York, USA are the exclusive venue for any disputes arising out of or related to this Agreement. Emails must be sent with an active “from” email address within the property’s web domain. There are enhanced functional elements that are available for additional cost. The TravelClick Web Team will start the project when a web project manager is assigned to the project after receiving the signed contract. Customer understands and agrees that Third-Party Distribution Partners and Distribution Vendors are solely responsible for all support and maintenance of their respective systems and any errors or omissions or data breaches on their respective systems and are solely responsible for any loss or errors in relation to any Bookings through such Third-Party Distribution Partners and Distribution Vendors. Any additional changes/revisions outside of the specified number of Rounds of Revision / Revision Period will be at TravelClick’s standard hourly rates. The Production Services at the Hotel will be overseen by a representative of the Hotel (“Hotel Representative”) who will serve as a facilitator and point of contact for TravelClick Video Services throughout the term of the Agreement. Es sind zurzeit 480.000 klassische Reisebüros über GDS angeschlossen. If Customer has purchased PPC Services separately and not as part of a bundle of other media services Monthly ad spend for PPC Services is attributed to the purchase of keywords and is inclusive of a search and retrieval optimization fee. Demand Services. If a Third-Party Distribution Partner removes a Distribution Vendor from their portfolio or if TravelClick no longer supports access to and/or removes a Distribution Vendor, (i) such removal is not a breach of the Agreement by and between Customer and TravelClick and (ii) TravelClick has no obligation to provide an alternative path for Customer to connect with such Distribution Vendor. Customer will indemnify, defend and hold TravelClick and its third party providers harmless from and against any and all claims, costs, and damages which are asserted against or incurred in connection with the Content License, Customer’s breach of Section 5 above, the Access Representation, or the Customer Responsibilities (as described under All iHotelier Services, if applicable). HS Code, Customs Tariff Number, Taric guide - European Database Find all customs tariff numbers and harmonized codes from the European external trade statistics in German, English and French from 2009 until today. Zahlenschlösser werden in der Regel ab Werk mit dem Zahlencode 0000 ausgeliefert. Customer must supply all relevant information for a valid competitive set within 7 days of the Effective Date or TravelClick may select a Competitive Set in its reasonable discretion. Customer is responsible for, and will provide support services related to, the hotel portion of the booking. Customer must complete a change requirements form anytime (i) there is a change to the website requested that is outside the scope of the website statement of work or is a material change or (ii) there is any change requested after the last Round of Revision. This section only applies if Customer is purchasing iTrak. No. 9. A chain is a named series of tasks that are linked together for a combined objective. Customer understands and agrees that (i) except as specifically listed in the Order Form and Agreement, the Custom Website design package does not include any other custom development work, (ii) the parties will execute an amendment to the Order Form and Agreement to change any aspects of the design, including but not limited to, additional enhancements, functionalities, or features. Customer represents and warrants that it has all right, title, and interest in (i) the trademarks and service marks and other related marks of Hotel (the “Hotel Marks”) and (ii) all music, images, photographs, pictures, architectural features, and any other copyrightable content included in the Branded Video and TC Video (the “Hotel Content”). Customer agrees not to send any unsolicited, commercial email or other online communication (e.g., “spam”) through to TripAdvisor users and shall comply with all applicable TripAdvisor policies regarding bulk mail. For GMS, TravelClick will provide routine maintenance and support services for the systems and Services with regard to: 4.1. Outstanding invoices will bear interest at a rate of the lesser of 1.5% per month or the maximum permitted by law. TravelClick Chain Code WV; Apollo/Galileo E2020; Sabre 141807; Worldspan SZ008; Amadeus SZG808; ODD 102808; Book online. If Customer is unable to honor a reservation booked by a User through the iHotelier system, Customer will immediately: (a) use reasonable efforts to relocate the customer to a comparably rated hotel in the nearby vicinity, (b) prepay the room charges and taxes, and (c) notify TravelClick in writing. TravelClick may cease providing a third party service upon 30 days’ prior written notice without liability or amendment to this Agreement if a third party service will no longer be made available by the third-party provider to TravelClick and/or Customer (an “Early Termination”). GMS and Digital Alchemy Services can be modified, upgraded, improved and interchanged at the discretion of TravelClick. In order to be eligible for the Expedia Quick Connect Services, Customer must (a) execute a Expedia’s contract related to the Expedia Quick Connect Services and (b) be approved by Expedia. TravelClick grants Customer a limited, non-exclusive, revocable license to use the TC Web System during the Term. If subscription inventory request is not approved by Sabre or Travelport, TravelClick will reduce the Monthly Fees if sold in a bundle. TravelClick will make support services available for guests that have booked through the Air + Hotel Booking Engine, with regards to overall trip arrangements. Section 5 DISCLAIMER; LIABILITY. TravelClick will begin invoicing for videos when the crew sets foot on property, not when the videos are delivered. The code is unique to each travel agency. If contracted Multilingual SEO page counts and SEO page counts are not equal, the Customer understands that only the contracted number of pages will be serviced and the selection of pages is done at the discretion of TravelClick. For more information on cookies please see the Guidance on Cookies at this URL under the Data Privacy title: Outstanding invoices will bear interest at a rate of the lesser of 1.5% per month or the maximum permitted by law. Rate360 Shopping. For the purpose of this Section, the following definitions apply: “Data Protection Legislation” means all applicable laws and regulations relating to the Processing of Personal Data and privacy including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679/EC), and all law and regulations implementing or made under them and any amendment or re-enactment of them. Hotel hereby grants to KAYAK a non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable, limited, revocable, worldwide, fully paid license to use, reproduce, display, transmit and distribute Hotel Data, including Hotel logos, trademarks, trade names, service marks, images, audio, and video (“Hotel Content”), in connection with the fulfillment of KAYAK’s obligations under this Agreement or otherwise in connection with the operation of the KAYAK Sites. If Customer does not wish to utilize alternative services, TravelClick shall credit the pre-paid, unused Fees towards another open invoice of Customer to TravelClick; provided if Customer does not use any other TravelClick services, notwithstanding any terms set forth elsewhere in product specific terms, the parties agree that the Agreement will be terminated and TravelClick shall refund the pre-paid, unused Fees, pro rata to Customer within ninety (90) days from the termination date set forth in the notice of Early Termination. Section 1: License. This section only applies if Customer is using TravelClick Channel Management Services. This Addendum will enter into force on the date of Customer’s signature of the Addendum (the “Effective Date”) and will end on the End Date, as indicated on page 1 of the Addendum (the “Consortia Term”), unless earlier terminated in accordance with Section 4. As such, Customer will not use the Air + Hotel Booking Engine for hotel-only bookings. Customer will pay the Fee to TravelClick specified in Exhibit A for the iTrak Scripts on an annual basis. For the avoidance of doubt, the “iTrak Scripts” are deemed to be “Services” and therefore licensed under Section 1 of the General Terms and Conditions. ... Code Review, Unit testing, Deployment and post production support. If Customer provides to TravelClick any design or other intellectual property produced by a third-party (“Third-Party Design”), Customer understands and agrees that (i) TravelClick will use commercially reasonable efforts to implement the Third-Party Design, and (ii) Customer represents and warrants that it has the necessary rights in the Third-Party Design to both provide it to TravelClick and to utilize it as part of their Custom Website  (the “Third-Party Design Warranty”). Upon request of Customer and if applicable, TravelClick will provide separate invoices directly to each Hotel, but Customer is responsible for all Fees and any other financial obligations of the Hotels related to the Services. “Personal Data” has the meaning given to it in the Data Protection Legislation. TravelClick Channel Management. Payment Terms and Calculations. Unless otherwise stated, all monetary amounts stated in this Addendum are stated in the Currency. TravelClick hereby grants Customer a limited, non-exclusive, revocable and nontransferable license to access and use the Branded Video, TC Video and any Mini Videos , and TravelClick ’s video and content management system during the Term. EXCEPT FOR SECTION 7, NEITHER PARTY IS LIABLE FOR ANY LOST DATA, INACCURATE DATA, UNTIMELY DATA, INDIRECT DAMAGES, LOST REVENUES, LOST PROFITS, INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, PUNITIVE DAMAGES OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES IN CONNECTION WITH ANY MATTER ARISING OUT OF OR RELATED TO THIS AGREEMENT, AND, EXCEPT FOR SECTIONS 2 AND 8, A PARTY’S MAXIMUM LIABILITY ARISING OUT OF OR RELATED TO THIS AGREEMENT IS LIMITED TO THE AMOUNTS PAID BY CUSTOMER IN THE 6 MONTHS PRECEDING THE DATE A PARTY FIRST RECEIVED NOTICE OF THE CLAIM GIVING RISE TO THAT LIABILITY. Google Analytics. If Customer cancels within 72 hours of the start of filming, the Customer is responsible for any travel costs incurred by TravelClick. Section 7 MISCELLANEOUS. Supplier Code of Conduct Der Bertelsmann Verhaltenskodex für Geschäftspartner. TravelClick will provide the Customer with the guest’s credit card information to enable the Customer to charge a room deposit, in accordance with the Customer’s deposit policy. Fahrradschlösser bzw. TravelClick owns all Competitive Set information. Specific filming equipment and additional production services such as, but not limited to, storytelling (depending on the package), actors, talents, talent casting, make-up, stylist, transportation costs, lighting, drones, script, music rights, logo animation, Director of Production on-site, additional filming day(s), are not included in the Monthly Fee and will be priced separately. Section 5: Compliance with Laws and Policies. TravelClick reserves the right to audit Customer with respect to bookings or cancellations upon 7 days’ advance notice and may require PMS reporting to provide proof of cancellations. The Air + Hotel Booking Engine is a booking solution provided to a Property, comprised of a booking engine and supporting systems, that allows travelers to complete a flight and hotel package reservation, as well as modify and cancel such reservations. NEITHER TRIPADVISOR NOR ANY OF ITS AFFILIATES WILL HAVE ANY OTHER LIABILITY OF ANY NATURE TO CUSTOMER. Customer hereby authorizes TravelClick to submit bids on Customer’s behalf, which includes sharing the information Customer has provided to TravelClick in connection with the Addendum. The Customer warrants to TravelClick that: (i) all Personal Data to be Processed by TravelClick under this Agreement has been collected and Processed in accordance with Data Protection Legislation; and (ii) it has the right to transfer, or provide access to the Personal Data to TravelClick and TravelClick’s third party service providers and affiliates, for Processing it for the purposes of the provision of the TravelClick Services. Search Engine Marketing. $40 Off $350+ Added by URBeautiful. Any person or entity that uses or engages in any transaction of any kind via the iHotelier system will be deemed to be a client of Customer (each, a “User”). 5. In addition to any other rights, TripAdvisor or TravelClick may immediately remove Customer’s advertisements in the event of non-payment by Customer within such time period. Chrome (latest) only on Mac OSX and Windows, Firefox (latest) only on Mac OSX and Windows, Customer receives deliverable from TravelClick. San Marco 3824, 30124 Venezia phone +39 041 2410835 fax +39 041 2414944 The management fee will be calculated as a percentage of the monthly total Actual Ad Spend. Die Polymerase-Ketten-Reaktion („ Polymerase Chain Reaction “ – PCR) ist die wichtigste Labormethode zur Untersuchung der molekularen Feinstruktur der Erbsubstanz. Expedia Quick Connect. The Branded Video is a 90 seconds video following the video guidelines jointly defined by the Hotel and TravelClick and is a compressed file. Customer will ensure that: (i) rates submitted to each Consortium and for each corporate RFP are honored for the entire calendar year ending on the “End Date” referenced in page 1; and (ii) all confirmed bookings and availability are honored. ("Daisy-chain"-Verdrahtung) Für die Übertragung von CAN-Signalen ist mindestens ein 3-poliges Kabel mit CAN-High, CAN-Low und Ground erforderlich. My-Wallet-V3 Blockchain Web Wallet Library - Customer owns all worldwide right, title and interest to the copy, pictures, trademarks and other content provided by the Customer for the website (“Customer Content”), but TravelClick owns all worldwide right, title and interest to all other aspects of the website, including but not limited to the layout, functionality, menus and general design of the website, HTML, cascading style sheets, the content management system, flash, java scripts or other programming code and tools (the “TC Web System”). blockchain. This Agreement binds both Party’s respective permitted successors and assigns. Via a multimedia portfolio of products, Travel Weekly and … Enjoy a relaxing night in one of our caratbeds and begin your day fully energized. A party receiving Confidential Information (“Recipient”) may not disclose Confidential Information except to its employees and agents with a need to know and who are bound by confidentiality agreements as restrictive as this section. The Initial Term and the Renewal Term are, collectively, the “Term.”. Air + Hotel Booking Engine. Customer acknowledges and agrees that under no circumstances will TravelClick be liable, in any way, for any of Customer’s acts or omissions (including any Customer Changes) or those of any third party, including but not limited to damages of any kind, related to, or incurred as a result of Customer’s, or third party’s, management of its website or its CMS account security. TVS online product terms review – Nov 2019. Subject to the number of Rounds of Revisions specified above, TravelClick will incorporate any requested revisions from Customer in a Round of Revision to produce another version of the website design. will be paid by the crew directly. Project timing will be scoped upon request. Customer will pay the True Amount as “Fees” under Section 2 of the General Terms and Conditions. Privilege Apartments offers a luxury, relaxing and exclusive stay in 40 apartments surrounded by fields, far away from the traffic and full of every comfort you need. Early Termination. If any IO is cancelled for any reason, Customer shall pay to TravelClick, within thirty (30) days after such cancellation, all amounts not yet paid for such delivered ad requests up to the effective date of cancellation. In exchange for the benefits provided to Customer through the access to and use of the Air + Hotel Booking Engine, Customer shall, except where prohibited by applicable law, use its best efforts to provide rates and availability through the Air + Hotel Booking Engine at parity with the rates and availability made available by Customer through any other travel package distribution partner utilized by Customer.. For GMS, The Guest Management Solution Database is brought online and is accessible for reporting once (i) TravelClick receives historical and current data from the PMS, (ii) TravelClick integrates the data into the Guest Management Solution Database. 1. This can be remedied by … e. Public Announcements. If any customization work is required to implement any iTrak Scripts, Customer will pay to TravelClick on a time and materials basis for this customization at TravelClick’s then standard rates. Website Design Stages. A termination of CPC Demand Services will not impact any other services or contract with TravelClick, including any “bundle” or “bundle pricing” terms. For the avoidance of doubt, Single Media Portion Termination does not apply to and may not be used to terminate any other portion of Services or to terminate this Order Form and Agreement. WEBSITE CHARACTERISTICS & DELIVERABLES Customer understands and agrees that (i) any changes, additions, or deletions of the deliverables listed in the Agreement require a written amendment to the Agreement mutually executed by the parties and (ii) such changes, additions, or deletions may increase the Fees (as defined in Exhibit A) and/or may delay the launch of the website. sold on the Air + Hotel Booking Engine will be paid by the guest directly to the applicable provider. TravelClick may add or remove Customer at any time from Demand Services or any distributor within Demand Services. 3. Its products and services are guaranteed to reduce costs, improve performance, drive online sales, and increase revenues in the process. Pro Responsive does not include custom development work to create new functional elements. Und warum „Chain“? Terms of Payment for Website Services and Termination. There have been some reports of certain browser and computer combinations exhibiting behavior of frequent need to re-login into EMC. Expedia may reject Customer’s eligibility for the Expedia Quick Connect Services at its discretion. Room sanitisation. A “Round of Revision” means the following sequence of steps: The below table shows the standard number of Rounds of Revisions for TravelClick deliverables. All private label chain code requests are subject to availability across each of the GDS partners. In addition, an individual Hotel can only be powered by a single customer reservation system (“CRS”) provider and represented under a single private label chain code. Natürlich sollte man den Code verstellen bzw. Book your stay at the carathotel of your choice - at the best price, guaranteed. TravelClick is not responsible for any errors or omissions with respect to any such data or information regardless of the cause and Customer assumes full liability and responsibility for use of the Expedia Quick Connect Services. d. It is the Customer’s obligation to submit Advertising Material in accordance with TripAdvisor and TravelClick’s then existing advertising criteria or specifications (including content limitations, technical specifications, privacy policies, user experience policies, policies regarding consistency with TripAdvisor’s public image, community standards regarding obscenity or indecency (taking into consideration the portion(s) of the Site on which the Ads are to appear), other editorial or advertising policies, and material due dates) (collectively “Policies”). From the date that an advertisement begins to run, through the expiration or termination of the Agreement or applicable IO, Customer shall have a privacy policy in place governing Customer’s use of end users’ personal information that meets or exceeds any applicable laws, rules and regulations governing the use of such information. For GMS, TravelClick will implement the following processes in each update of the consolidated Guest Management Solution Database: 3.1. images) to Customer, excluding the files and functionalities related to the CMS, and (ii) grant a perpetual, royalty-free, revocable right and license to use the Website Content provided that Customer’s account is fully paid-up, including payment of a Content Request Fee. The Agreement automatically renews after the Initial Term for successive periods of equal length of the Initial Term (each a “Renewal Term”) unless either party sends the other party written notice of its decision not to renew the Agreement at least 15 days before the end of the Initial Term or Renewal Term, as applicable. TravelClick’s media partners may restate the number of clicks attributable to a particular media campaign if the media partner detects fraudulent or incorrectly characterized clicks so that media reports may not match exactly invoices of actual media spend. Customer sends all change/revision requests (if any) as a single written update to TravelClick. Join millions of travelers who already use Travelzoo! The parties acknowledge and agree that TripAdvisor may archive an electronic copy of the fully executed Agreement. Customer agrees to pay TravelClick a commission on the room rate for a booking generated through the Air + Hotel Booking Engine, in accordance with the provisions of the Order Form and Agreement (the “Commission”). Those works are protected by copyright laws and treaties around the world. 3.2 Accuracy of Information and Deadlines Consortia. Functional Elements. The Residence Privilege Apartments is located in Vimercate, between Milan and Monza. • Good domain knowledge of Travel & Hospitality and Supply Chain Management domains. Customer agrees that TravelClick may immediately suspend access to any integration between a third-party and the Services in the event of such breach and terminate such integration if the breach is not cured within thirty (30) days (“Integration Termination Right”). Customer may not assign its rights hereunder to any third party unless TripAdvisor or TravelClick expressly consents to such assignment in writing, not to be unreasonably withheld. Demand360 Qualifications. If contracted Multilingual SEO page counts and SEO page counts are not equal, the Customer understands that only the contracted number of pages will be serviced and the selection of pages is done at the discretion of TravelClick. All such rights are reserved. Setup fees will be billed upon the Effective Date, including fees for Custom Services. TripAdvisor or TravelClick will not be deemed to have waived or modified any of these Terms and Conditions except in writing signed by its duly authorized representative. Building, maintaining and updating databases; and 4.5. Sharing a Video will create within the personal Facebook pages of users, a Facebook module which displays a video player and a merchandizing space customized for the Hotel. Any capitalized terms used in the Addendum that are not defined in the Addendum have the same meaning assigned to those terms in the Agreement. STAY UP-TO-DATE WITH THE LATEST TRAVELCLICK AND HOTEL INDUSTRY NEWS. Chains are the means by which you can implement dependency based scheduling, in which jobs are started depending on the outcomes of one or more previous jobs. Travel deals on hotels, flights, vacation packages, cruises and local & entertainment deals too. Section 6 LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. Therefore, if any Hotel is being represented on the GDS through: Consortia/Corporate RFP Terms and Conditions, These Consortia/Corporate RFP terms and conditions are incorporated by reference into the Addendum to the Master Services Agreement entered into by Customer and TravelClick, Inc. (the “Addendum”). They take the form of a pop-up notification on the player's screen, which may present a player with a choice, or may simply inform the player of the consequences and require they acknowledge the event has occurred. a. To enhance Customer presence and increase booking opportunities, TravelClick may list Customer in various consortia and corporate RFP presentations, online directories, marketing ads and other related publicity (“Publicity”) and may use the Customer’s hotel name, hotel images, website URL, or descriptive information in the Publicity. The website will include the built-in platform functionalities, design options, and features listed in the Order Form and Agreement. X2 RESORTS As you will read the book, you will have some challenges. You can browse the product, add into wish list for future purchase, add into cart and can make payment via credit, debit, internet banking, wallet etc. During the Term Customer will use the iHotelier system (and will use no other reservation software, service or system) for any and all of its reservation services through its website, through the global distribution system, or through other third parties regardless of whether the bookings route through the iHotelier CRS. When You travel to a new Place: Just add a new Charm to Your Collection. For GMS, Certain Guest Management Solution editions include the following: 6.1 Transactional eLetters include Confirmation, Confirmation Update, Cancellation, Pre Stay and Post Stay Messaging. Customer hereby authorizes TravelClick to use and access the Customer’s systems (including its website) and data, to: (a) identify end users, (b) track these end users as they navigate away from the Customer’s website through the use of certain code, “cookie,” web beacon or other tracking technology (collectively, “Tracking Technology”); and (c) use data collected via the Tracking Technology to perform the remarketing services. Customer understands and agrees that the delivery of the website in accordance with such timeline depends upon many factors, including but not limited to the responsiveness of Customer in providing feedback and requested Customer Content (defined below), the amount of requested changes, and completing the assigned deliverables. If additional pages are requested to be optimized, Customer must execute an amendment to this Agreement or Customer must purchase a specific number of hours at the standard hourly rate from TravelClick Web Solutions. NOTWITHSTANDING SECTION 9 (LIMITATION OF LIABILITY) OF THE AGREEMENT, TRAVELCLICK’S MAXIMUM LIABILITY ARISING OUT OF OR RELATED TO THE ADDENDUM IS LIMITED TO THE FEES PAID BY CUSTOMER UNDER THE ADDENDUM DURING THE FIRST TWELVE MONTHS OF THE TERMS. Join to Connect. A termination of CPC Demand Services will default Customer into equivalent Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Demand Services unless such services are not available or TravelClick is otherwise instructed in writing by Customer. TravelClick grants Customer a limited, non-exclusive, revocable and non-transferable license to access and use the Services (and any software related to the Services) during the Term. The design (and flexibility for possible adjustments) is fully determined by the built-in options of the chosen Essential product at the time the site is created. From $359.99 $250.00 1 > LAST CHANCE view all. WEBSITE OWNERSHIP Customer owns all worldwide right, title and interest to the copy, pictures, trademarks and other content provided by the Customer for the website (“Customer Content”), but TravelClick owns all worldwide rights, title and interest to all other aspects of the website, including but not limited to the layout, functionality, menus and general design of the website, HTML, cascading style sheets, the content management system, java scripts or other programming code and tools (the “TC Web System”). For example, a “functional bug”  exists where the end user selects/clicks on ,a “book now” button which, when clicked, does not direct the end user to the booking engine. TERMS OF PAYMENT Customer will pay the Fees for website development services as follows: For Essential Websites: Customer will pay Upfront Fees and the first Monthly Fee payment upon the Effective Date and, thereafter, Customer will pay the Monthly Fees in accordance with Section 2 of the General Terms and Conditions. Maintenance and Enhancements are included in the Fees but they are not unlimited and restrictions apply, see Maintenance and Enhancements section for details. This one time set up does not include any custom segments, goals, events, or filters. Multilingual SEO. Go through the checkout process. Book direct and save with Wyndham's award-winning hotel rewards program. Customer agrees that system availability or other service level agreements between TravelClick and the Customer only pertain to TravelClick systems involved in providing the Air + Hotel Booking Engine and do not extend to third-party software involved in providing the Air + Hotel Booking Engine, such as, but not limited to, GDS providers and flight aggregators. TravelClick owns all right, title and interest in and to the Services or has sufficient rights in order to provide the Services. For each such region, a point on the boundary is selected and its coordinates are transmitted. Description of Service. In the event there is no availability at the applicable Hotel upon arrival of an individual with a booked reservation, Customer is responsible for finding alternate accommodations for the individual and will pay any difference in price for such alternate hotel accommodations; and (iii) provide all consortia rates and consortia value add program rates at Last Room Availability (“LRA”) per room type. a. On Sale. Customer agrees and understands that a consumer may choose to select other hotels or other booking mechanisms so that the consumer would be redirected to another hotel’s website and/or another booking engine. Should the Customer elect to refresh their website the buyout fee schedule as specified above will reset. TravelClick supports the following browsers (and versions of those browsers): The CMS backend supports the following browsers: WEBSITE DESIGN STAGES & DEVELOPMENT STAGES. Therefore, Customer will be charged for any transactions made during this termination period. Login. 2. So kann man auch ohne EAN-Suche deutsche Produkte meist schnell erkennen (es gibt jedoch auch Ausnahmen, bei denen deutsche Produkte Ländercodes außerhalb der 400-440 vorweisen).Den zweiten Teil der EAN stellt die Unternehmensnummer dar, die aus 4 bis 6 Nummer besteht. Oktober 2017 durch eine 15-stellige „Goods and Service Taxpayer Identification Number“ (GSTIN) ersetzt. A “Round of Revision” means changes to the website design such as the website layout, color changes, text changes, placement within the layout and swapping out a picture. TravelClick is not responsible for any Bookings or Enhancements that Customer fails to honor for any reason. Processes for cleansing and formatting source data; 4.4. This Agreement supersedes any previous agreements between the parties related to the subject matter of this Agreement. United International Business Schools. Termination. For more info please email our Product Department on Termination as of First Anniversary of End of Filming Date. Deliverables and languages As part of the project timeline, the web project manager will also specify the deliverables and the dates by which TravelClick and Customer will complete the respective deliverables. All notices to TripAdvisor relating to any legal claims or matters must be made in writing to TripAdvisor, attn: Group Corporate Counsel, 141 Needham St., Newton MA 02464. Hotel retains all right, title and interest in and to its Hotel Content and all intellectual property rights relating thereto, subject to the license granted herein to KAYAK. Terms of Payment for Website Services and Termination. Customer understands that (i) if Customer has fewer than 50 rooms at its Hotel, TravelClick recommends that Customer does not  make its room inventory available for sale simultaneously in all online travel agencies (“OTAs”) that connect through TravelClick’s channel management products because of the potential risk of overselling the Hotel, (ii) the risk of overbooking is not due to any fault of TravelClick’s channel management product but rather because of the different bandwidths, specifications and speed in receiving reservations from each one of the OTA extranets in periods of high occupancy or demand, and (iii) Travelclick is not liable for any direct or indirect damages (in whatever form), lost revenues, lost profits, incidental damages, punitive damages or consequential damages in connection with any matter arising out or related to the overbooking of the room inventory.

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